10 Fun Accessories to Get You Through The Post-Holiday Slump

The holidays are over, we’re back at work, and we have three (or four, or five) long months of cold, dreary weather ahead. I know right, so depressing. Kick the post-holiday blues with these 10 accessories that are guaranteed to make you forget how cold it is — okay, maybe not, but at least you’ll look cute.

#1. Front Chest Pack

Bored of fanny packs? Try a front chest pack for a cleaner look that doubles as a harness for a sexy utilitarian feel.

#2. Faux Fur Fingerless Gloves

Yes, we’re cold. Yes, we still wanna look cute. A tres chic pair of faux fur + faux leather fingerless gloves is just what we needed.

#3. Tartan Fanny Pack

Like we said, fanny packs can get a little…predictable. Pair a bold plaid tartan style with a matching mini skirt for a fresh update.

#4. Sparkly Micro Bag

The holidays may be over, but the daytime sparkle trend is not. A sparkly micro bag makes any outfit more fun.

#5. Sparkly Choker

We’ll never be over chokers.

#6. Cheeky Dad Hat

Exhausted from partying all holiday season long? Same. Cover up your bed head with a cheeky cap that explains exactly how you feel.

#7. Statement Belt

Remember what we said about daytime sparkle? Same goes for belts. Throw one on with a casual look (like mom jeans and a sweater) to add a lil somethin.

#8. Dramatic Drop Earrings

Always pretty, never boring. You’ll get tons of compliments on these.

#9. Warm Cozy Socks

Do we even need to explain this one? Cozy socks are life.

#10. Sporty Logo Scarf

If we’re gonna be this cold we’re at least gonna be cute. Ditch your basic black scarf for a sporty graphic printed one, like this FILA logo scarf.

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Chrissy Mastro
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Chrissy is a Copywriter at AKIRA. Writing and fashion have always been her calling, and she studied journalism at DePaul and merchandise marketing at FIDM to turn these passions into a career. She loves traveling, hanging out with friends, and all things music related. Follow her on social @chrissymastro


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