Don’t Do These 18 Things Abroad


So when you’re traveling the world, there are certain things you just don’t do in certain places. I would say America didn’t really make this list, because realistically, what CAN’T you do here..? But apparently ours is just to remember that you’re supposed to tip. Good call. Anyways, see below for more tips. Now you can check off “learned something for the day” from your list. You’re welcome.



Sara Berke
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Sara Berke is the Digital Marketing Manager for and Editor in Chief of When she’s not shoe shopping or convincing herself that she definitely needs yet another new outfit.. you’ll either find her chillin’ on the couch watching Desperate Housewives, hanging with Paxton and Kit (her dog and cat), or she's bouncing around the city with friends eating up all the food and drinking all the drinks. Find her on social @saraberke


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