2018 Fashion Trends

Are you ladies still scrambling around in your closet wondering what to wear this year? You might just be in luck if you were born in the 90s because it seems to be making a full on comeback this year. So buckle up those fanny packs ladies and listen up for the latest 2018 fashion trends


Yes, whenever we think of a plaid outfit we all think about the iconic schoolgirl Clueless look. Plaid is being brought back to 2018 and walking up and down these catwalks all over the world. We just can’t get enough of this look. So lets all act like Alicia Silverstone and show these boys who’s the boss. Whether it is a plaid skirt, jeans or a jacket


HOO-AH! Ladies, we are taking over the combat fields with these latest fashion trends. Camouflage is coming back into our life’s but this time we will stand out. Rihanna introduced this trend with her fearless and “B**ch better have my money” attitude and now the fashion designer ‘I AM GIA’ is creating some of the best looks of 2018. Models such as Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber (Cindy Crawford’s daughter) are wearing this brand on the streets of New York, Paris and Milan. The iconic Combat look represents a type of fearless, strong and “Don’t mess with me” style, and who doesn’t want to look that Bad A*s in a pair of comfortable (Non tight) pants?

Fanny pack

Dwayne the Rock Johnson tried to revive this trend years ago but if it wasn’t for the Gucci reincarnating the FANNY PACK, we would have just forgotten about it

We all thought this trend died years ago but it came back when it walked down the runways such as Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, Anrealage, Cividini and Vivienne Tam in their Spring collection… it has made a comeback ladies and gents. Women are seeming to style it with their nonchalance on the streets of New York.

Sparking Boots

Shine bright like a diamond this year darling by wearing star dazzling boots in the winter snow. We are them to any type of occasion like a sports event, to school, clubbing or just around the house. These boots are made for walking so wear them out anywhere.


It is undeniable that Rihanna is a fashion icon sent down from the Gods of Barbados

Every time she attends a celebrity event she always wins best dressed. All Hail the Queen of Fashion! She is the definition of a Bad-A*s with an attitude that just makes her lovable. She has the god-given abilities to pull off any outfit possible. So if you don’t follow Rihanna on Instagram, you should get on that and click that follow button to check out what the next outfit trend is going to be.


So stop the worrying ladies … and head to www.ShopAkira.com because we always got you covered with your New Year, New Me style

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Sydney M is a full time student athlete and she plays volleyball and majoring in Marketing. She is currently interning for the marketing department at Akira and she also is a fashion model. When she isn't busy with school or work you can find her at her house playing around with her 2 year old nephew singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes". If she isn't at home, she'll be out with her friends or spending time with her family. She loves to travel the world, she recently visited Playa Del Carmen with her mothers side of the family celebrating her aunts vow renewal. She is very outgoing, great listener, friendly, hardworking and caring.


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