Women Of Influence: Interview with Genevieve Thiers, founder of Sittercity.com

We had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Genevieve Thiers, found of Sittercity.com, a platform that connects parents and qualified sitters/nannies. We talked everything from starting her career to her favorite apps. Check out the interview below! Feel free to add additional questions in the comments field, Genevieve will respond directly!

sittercity exclusive interview with their founder Genevieve Thiers

Have you always wanted to the end up where you are now? What inspired you to take this path?

It was sort of an accident.  I just did not want to wait tables while being a singer and the idea just made SO much sense to me.  Sittercity was a combo of match.com, monster and a nanny agency.  It was so, so needed.


What’s been the most rewarding aspect of your career journey? The most challenging?

The awards and press are like a movie, but what they don’t tell you is how hard it is to really make a return, to really be able to exit, to really grow a team, even if that means hiring your replacement….years ago, they would always make a big stink about me being a “millionaire” and I had no pennies to scratch together….now things worked out, but it was NOT easy.


What advice would you give yourself at 20 year old, knowing whatyou know now?

You do NOT have to care if people like you.

What is the first thing you notice about someone in an interview?

Their eyes.  Are they looking at me?  If they cant, I cant hire them.  Are they trying to engage me, to get me excited, to promote their brand?  If they have even a small lack of energy, I am also suspicious.  People that have a clear sense of what they want and who they are are my bag.


Have you encountered any sort of gender stereotyping? 

I once had a man on a high-level hiring committee, in a solo room, ask me “Don’t you have twins?” when I applied to run a very big-time enterprise here in Chicago.  The implication was clear that I should be at home with them.  Men, ifwomen are IN FRONT OF YOU asking to work or pitching a company, why not just trust we know our own minds, eh?


Have you managed to move beyond it?

Well I never cared.  In fact, I said “Would you ask a guy that?”  What was harder was early days of Sittercity.  No men would invest in it since their wives had always dealt with the issue.  It took 5 years to get a series A.


How do you dress for success? Do you think your style influences the way you’re perceived?

I finally this year really began to invest in both blowouts and getting better clothes.  Before, I didn’t care a ton, but now, I am beginning to realize it really matters.  I LOVE power uniforms.  Great dresses with tights are the bomb, with a long necklace I can sling on and a leather jacket.  So simple, so easy, so fun!

What’s in your purse right now? 

I have a wallet, keys, credit card/  Maybe a lip gloss?  Although somehow the thing weighs like 1000 tons and so I must have more in there.  Business cards!  Don’t forget those.

What are the top 3 apps you can’t live without?

Instacart, Uber, Chime! Chime is Sittercity’s new on-demand childcare service, the first on-demand childcare EVER!  It’s amazing.  Head to www.hellochime to see more, ladies!  xoxox

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