4 Styles Of Sexy Dresses For That Special Night Out

Sometimes you just want to put on that freak ’em dress.

The type of sexy dress that turns heads and stops traffic. One of those cute AF dresses that got you checking your reflection in every single mirror, window, etc that you pass. The selfie-central dress. The one you can probably only wear once in a blue moon because it’s such a show-off, attention-getter that too often would just ruin the whole appeal. Ya feel me? More than likely, you’ll be looking for a sexy dress for either a night out with the girls or maybe a hot date.

So many styles of sexy dresses it’s insane.

“Sexy” sometimes can be misconstrued. When someone says “sexy dresses” the first thing that comes to mind is usually very revealing, low-cut, short and tight… right? But obviously you don’t need to be half naked to be sexy. This season there are a few key trending styles of not-your-average dresses – many of which scream sex. There’s the inventive thigh slit – but not from the front – from the side! It’s like a deep V for your leg. There’s the off-shoulder dresses that have taken the world by storm this season. Collarbone alert! If you’ve got ’em, flaunt em. (We all have them lol)There’s the lace-up look, everything from neckline to rib-cage to thigh – there’s just gaping holes in the dress that are stitched up with laces. Then, of course, the timeless lace dresses that will never, ever go out of style. Lace is always in in the sexy department. And it’s not leaving any time soon.

Check out all these trending styles below! Like what you see?  Click the image to shop the look.

Cute dresses for women

That High Thigh Slit

Now that temps are warming up, long gone are the days we need to wear tights and layers of jackets we can wear less. Show off those gams with a super high thigh high slit or detailing up the side. They won’t see it comin’. …Until you pass by, that is.

Sexy black deep v high thigh slit dress Super high thigh slit dress

sexy cut out dress Sexy black dress with lace see through side


That Cold Shoulder

One of this strongest trends for spring 2016 was the shoulder bearing styles. Everything from tops to dresses, the cold shoulder effect took hold of the scene and it doesn’t seem to be letting go. There’s something so sexy about these dresses (especially if you have the collarbones to back it up). It screams sexy without being too over the top.

Cute dresses for women online


That Laced Up Look

These types of sexy dresses have rapidly become a crowd favorite and easy go-to. They don’t require any of that pesky double-sided sticky fashion tape (or at least in most cases don’t). Because it bound together tightly with laces (duhhh). It’s revealing without being slutty or trashy. Just a little sliver of skin peeping through, hinting at what lies underneath. You can find lace-up detailing down the neckline, a lace-up peephole dress right smack dab in the middle of your check, or maybe some lace up detailing up and down your thigh.



That Lacey Racey Feel

Lace dresses are the epitome of sexy if we’re being honest. These sexy dresses are a night out outfit staple that will never cease to exist. Maybe it’s because it’s reminiscent of lingerie. Maybe it’s because there’s some sneak peak, see-through action going on that leaves you wanting more.. either way – it’s always a win.

Sexy black lace mini dressCute sexy lace dress navy

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