5 Types Of Shoes Every Fashionista Must Have!


The iconic Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give the girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world”.

Ever looked in your closet and wondered do I have enough shoes or do I have the right shoes for every occasion? 

Here is a list of 5 types of shoes to help every woman out there looking for the right shoes for their wardrobe. If you are thinking that this blog is just about going out shoes,  you are wrong. What I love about these styles of shoes is that they are perfect for easy day-to-night dressing.

BootiesFlat And Heeled Chic Booties




Booties are sophisticated enough to wear at work for that 9 a.m. meeting, but are chic and comfortable enough to wear for those 5 p.m. cocktails with coworkers and fashionable/fun enough to wear to an event or party later on that night. Having multiple styles of these sleek and comfortable booties makes it easier to be versatile with pairing the perfect bootie for the right occasion.


FlatsComfort Anytime; Anyplace


There is no denying that a woman’s shoe collection is incomplete without a pair of flats. While heels might be the most desirable shoes, it is an absolute must to include a few pairs of flats because they come in various of styles for multiple occasions and worn for most importantly,comfort!

Sandals- The Strappier, The Better!



Strappy sandals is the time to bare more of your foot! A summer staple that adds a great amount of style to your wardrobe. A high strappy sandal worn anywhere from brunch to a fun night out . This type of shoe is great because it gives the foot a more sexy sleek look. Make sure before you wear these shoes you had a pedicure because chipped polished toes is a no-no with this shoe.


Thigh High BootsChic And Sexy At All Times


Thigh-high boots are the boots of the fall season. These are my absolute favorite out the list. These are my favorite because you can pair them with jeans as a casual look and with short skirts and shorts for a sexier look. Coming in all styles from leather, suede, flat soles or block heels, these statement shoes are wearable for summer nights and cold weather.

Pumps- The Staple Heel

Always strut like a model when rocking a pair of pumps. Pumps are not made for comfort, but made to make every women feel sexy. These shoes are the staple shoes for women and can be worn to any event.  Whether your favorite style of pump is pointy, round or square-toed, pumps give every woman a sense of confidence.

 A woman carries her clothes, but it is a shoe that carries the woman.


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