9 Must-Have Staples That You Can Wear All Year Round


This past week was the first official day of Spring, which means Spring cleaning, the worst I know. Every year until I left my moms house she made me go through all of my clothes and threw away or give away  everything I didn’t need so I’ve gotten in the habit every year to do it. But this year it was a little different. So there I am inside my closet looking aimlessly trying to figure out what the hell am i going to do with all of these clothes. A little back story about me, if you didn’t know me, I’m a compulsive shopper, I. BUY. EVERYTHING. As i purposefully scheme through the racks I told myself “I need to get rid of shit, or I’m literally going to make my whole dinning room a closet” (which it already is). As I was looking at all the beautiful pieces I didn’t have the hear to throw or give away I got to thinking about staples, pieces that I wear almost everyday and I have kept in my closet for a reason. As I start rummaging through the chaos I found 9 staples that for sure I needed to keep, (I kept most of them, don’t tell my mom). So here is my top 9 must haves staples that you can wear all year round and with absolutely everything in your closet.

Black leather shoulder bag

I think this is a given, this is one of my favorite staples in my wardrobe. A black leather shoulder bag goes  with absolutely anything and in anytime. Wether you’re on the way to the grocery store, or off to dinner, a black leather shoulder bag is chic and luxurious. I mean where else are we going to put our hot sauce?


A black/ nude pointy toe

From your moms closet, to Carrie Bradshaw’s Manolo Mary Jane’s the timeless black pointy toe will never go out of style. Casually wear them with jeans and a t shirt or a sexy little black dress a black or nude pointy toe matches with everything. Lets just say I have a couple of pairs in the closet I couldn’t part with.

image (1)

Blue jeans

A wise man once said “I want to die in my blue jeans” well Mr. Andy Warhol I couldn’t have agreed more sir. This is a staple forever and goes with virtually every top and every jacket in your closet! You could never go wrong with a basic blue jean. I cant remember a day when I am not wearing a blue jean, its so easy and it really does make a difference in putting a little effort in a casual look.

image (2)

White sneakers

Whether you’re a damn Daniel vans, adidas, Nike or puma kind of girl one thing is for sure you need to own a pair of white sneakers. This minimalist, sporty spice, chic staple is what every girl needs in her shoe collection. Put on your favorite blue jeans, a white tee and your favorite sunnies and you basically turn into your favorite blogger.

image (4)

White tee

Speaking of white tees this one is an oldie but a goodie. This 90’s street style, hip hop look has made its way in today’s fashion, both crisp and subtle a white tee is versatile and clean making any look effortless. Pair it up with a leather mini or a statement fringe skirt with some classic black strap heels and you are fashion week ready.

image (6)

Black leather jacket

Enough said. I mean who doesn’t own one.

image (5)

A camel trench coat

Personally I am a sucker for coats and a camel trench is one of the reasons why. Both sophisticated and versatile a camel trench coat could turn any look into a model off duty realness. What I love about this classic piece is that it creates a rich and elementary look that anyone can pull off.

image (7)

Leather skinnies

The pants of all pants, if we learned anything from Sarah Michelle Gellar circa “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” is that a leather pant can kick some major ass. Leather skinnies are both sleek and sexy, from a semi casual daytime look to slayer realness at night, a leather pant is a closet must have.

image (8)

Denim jacket

This 70’s inspired staple is for sure one of my favorites in my closet especially in the spring time. A denim jacket is casual, and has a certain rebellious feel to it. It is durable and today strongly desirable in most looks. Rock it with blue jeans and a white top and wala you flashback back to Britney and Justin circa 2001. I mean who doesn’t like a denim on denim look?

image (9)

There you have it my top 9 staples pieces that is  going to last you for a very long time, and you can take my word for it.




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