Armpits: To Shave or Not To Shave

A Hairy Situation

Growing out and/or dying your armpit hair has become a legit trend this year thanks to the likes of Miley Cyrus and Madonna. Do you remember years ago when Julia Roberts showed up at a premiere with grizzly pits? People screamed in outrage! But that was 1999 and this is 2015. Today’s culture, even worldwide, continues to open its arms to new ideas and embrace what was once refuted.

Before I get any further on the topic, I’ll throw it out there that I’m reluctant to even refer to this as some feminist movement. Armpit hair is such a tiny spec in the female universe – I’d like to think about this being more about freedom of expression than anything else. You want to shave your head? Cool, go for it. You want to NOT shave your armpits? Cool, go for it. It’s preferential treatment to your own body. So if you want to, go for it!

But I’m going to be completely frank with you.. Personally, this is one trend I will definitely NOT be partaking in. I happen to really like my smooth, hairless underarms.

But to each her own.

But let’s entertain the idea for a minute. Armpit hair. But why?

Your standards don’t define me.

Probably the most cause-worthy reasoning is to combat gender stereotypes. Some women see it as taking measures to break out of the little box of expectations society has put us in.  It comes down to it being about having the ability to make decisions around one’s own set of beauty standards, not the men-centric standard that we’re all so accustomed to.

Naturalist at heart.

Some women see it as simply going au natural. That whole BORN THIS WAY mentality. Maybe that hair is supposed to serve some sort of purpose. I heard nose hairs help filter small particles from getting in, but that obviously doesn’t apply here. I think maybe it helps with sweat or something? Who knows.


New beauty routine.

Some women see it as a beauty movement, another way to express themselves. Some women see it as an artistic statement (Re: Madge).

I don’t think we need to explain the opposing side, really. I assume most of it consists of a mixture of adjectives like “gross” and “bizarre” and “turn-off.” For me, it’s just kind of hard to look at a women’s furry nooks for an extended period of time, consider I am on the opposing side. I always vote to shave those suckers. But if you’ve made it this far in the post – props.

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Sara Berke
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