Around the World: What’s Trending?

It’s time to travel, go out, and bust out that summer wardrobe! But before all the fun and sun, let’s check out what’s trends are in around the world and the many ways that global trendsetters are wearing them!

Trend: Stripes

From pinstripes to wide ones, from vertical to horizontal, stripes are versatile and balance out almost any solid color.

Asia: Silky Stripes

Although stripes have been trending for quite a while already, you can freshen up the look with a loose fit silk shirt and pair it with even more vertical stripes for a laid-back casual look. For a dressier style, you can tuck a striped shirt in basically any dress skirt like Chinese actress Fan Bingbing did for China Film Director’s Guild Awards. Models Irene Kim and Jiaye Wu opted to pair their stripes with white pants for a weekend daytime look while models Xiaowen Ju and Sora Choi went for the pajama look in head to toe stripes.




USA: Stripes +  Dramatic Sleeves

Stripes have been in for the past couple seasons, but let’s take a look at how stripes have been revamped for the summer in the states! From actress Cami Mendes to NYC blogger Danielle Bernstein (WeWoreWhat), stripes with a dramatic flair are coming back for the summer! Perfect for a walk in the park or for a night out, striped tops featuring everything from ruffles, asymmetry, to flared sleeves will be your new go-to look!


Trend: Gingham

Good ol’ gingham is back in season! Celebs and bloggers are rocking classic gingham and donning checkers and plaid all over. From skirts to skinny jeans to cute chunky heels, check out the looks below to draw inspiration for your next gingham outfit! Picnic vibes, anybody?


Trend: Head to Toe Black

Asia: Anywhere, Anytime

Not sure if it’s because of our natural hair color, but most Asians just LOVE the color black. Whether it be a casual look or black-tie event, black is always the classiest color that exudes chic and mysterious vibes. Although wearing black in the summer heat doesn’t seem practical, there are still ways to make it work without sweating buckets or seeming like an angsty winter fanatic (it’s okay if you are). No sweat, here’s how some style icons have made it look easy breezy.




Bonus: You don’t have to have black hair to pull off head to toe black during the summer!

Trend: Sunset Colors

Sunset colors are in for the summer, no surprise. Pretty beach or vacation dresses? Of course! What else could there be…

But wait! Aside from the beautiful warm-toned dresses like the ones above, celebs are out to make a sporty statement! Behold–orange is, once again, back in the form of trendy streetwear.




Bonus: Even North West is rocking an orange bomber!

Trend: Circular Accents

New season, new accessories! The circle has also been in for the past season as belt loops, hair clips, on shoes, grommets on bags, and much more. However, this summer season, circle shaped earrings seem to be on the rise! Let’s hope this summer can be bright and colorful like the dainty pom pom earrings that everyone from Selena Gomez to K-pop sensation Seolhyun are wearing. Of course, pom poms aren’t for everyone, which is why the circle trend doesn’t stop there. Jewelry brands like Charlotte Chesnais and Eddie Borgo have embraced the circular shapes with gorgeous metal pieces that not only make a statement but add that extra glow to our wardrobe! Which piece is your favorite?





Trend: Funky Sunglasses

What is that must-have accessory for summer? That’s right, sunglasses. A lover of these quirky sunglasses, Bella Hadid proves that these retro shades can be worn with whatever and whenever (yes, even during the night to block out all those camera flashes). Check out some other celebs who have been throwing it back and setting new trends with these fun geometrical sunglasses.


With summer fast approaching, these effortless trends can spice up any summer wardrobe! Global trends work perfectly especially if that long-awaited vacation is just around the corner. Even for a simple everyday look, there are countless ways to mix and match like these global trendsetters! Did someone say it’s time for some summer shopping?

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