How Your Astrological Sign Impacts the Clothes in Your Closet

We all love them (even if we won’t admit it): our zodiac signs.

Whether we check daily, monthly, or just to see if that new guy we’re dating is compatible, we all tend to look at mishaps in our lives as products of our horoscopes. But how do horoscopes influence your style? Here’s a hint: your sign might explain why some friends found the low-cut, mesh, cheetah-print bodysuit you wore to the club last week absolutely ridiculous.

Below, you will find how your astrological sign influences some of the items in your closet.


Courageous, determined and sometimes impulsive, Aries ladies are natural born leaders who have a warrior mentality. You want to be comfortable for your jam-packed day, but you don’t want to sacrifice style. On the flipside, you also want to attract the right kind of attention. Sporty, sexy and dressed appropriately for the occasion is your vibe.

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You’re the friend that we all go to when we need a reality check. Practical, goal-oriented and stable are just some of the characteristics that describe you. Your fashion is certainly not what some people would consider “out there.” You’re a fan of neutrals – with a pop of color when you’re feeling adventurous. But just because it’s neutral doesn’t mean it can’t be sexy. You play around with different materials and fits, but you tend to stay fairly conservative and let other people (Who, me?)  experiment with more daring outfits.

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You, my friend, have two sides, which makes it hard to pinpoint a style that is your “go–to.” A social butterfly, who is affectionate and expressive, your personality can change in the blink of an eye to become extremely focused and thoughtful. (You know your friend who’s been sitting and talking with the same person at the bar for HOURS after downing five tequila shots and dancing on the bar? Yeah, she’s a Gemini.) Accessories are your best friend. No matter your mood, accessories can dress up any outfit to either be the center of attention or blend in with all your Taurus friends.

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Your emotional and imaginative nature enables you to reflect popular trends, but with your own personal twist. Your style reflects your mood. If you’re sad, you’ll be in all black; if you’re in a creative mood, you’ll wear the pants “as seen on” Lady Gaga last week. Your style completely depends on what mood you’re in and what clothes are going to reflect that.

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Your high self esteem makes you one of those people who can literally rock a garbage bag. You’re cheerful, funny and creative, and your sense of style makes you a showstopper in anything you wear. Even though you don’t need clothes to make you stand out, you are an edge queen. You play with daring patterns and cuts, and everyone loves you for it. If your friend is meeting her boyfriend’s parents for the first time, she DEFINITELY will not be shopping for an outfit in your closet!

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Fashion and function are an absolute must for you. You tend to be hard on your appearance, and you definitely don’t want to wear anything that could be criticized. You are up-to-date on the most recent fashion trends and love to help dress your more adventurous friends, but your tendency to be more shy and practical makes you a huge proponent of athleisure items. Throw you a cute champion hoodie and some simple joggers, and you’re ready to go.

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Libras are extremely social and cooperative, and out of your entire friend group, you’re the one who is easiest to rally. You aim to be dressed appropriately for the occasion, but aren’t interested in conforming (even though you ask constantly what everyone else is wearing). Your style is simple, but you want everyone to notice how good you look. Trendy items in more neutral prints and colors are your go-to; you want to stand out for all the right reasons.

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A ride-or-die type of woman, your passion and resourcefulness are much appreciated. You’re a huge fan of showing off your gorgeous bod and sense of style, but in a subtle way. The mysterious aura you project is only enhanced by your impeccable sense of style –  every piece of clothing you wear is perfectly ironed, and you’re not afraid to be edgy. Even running to the supermarket, you look great. You’re a huge fan of the little black dress and simple –  yet iconic –  items, and you can find an excuse to wear different variations everywhere.

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Spontaneity and positivity are two of your major characteristics. Whether you’ve been having the worst day of your life or the best, you strive to improve yourself and the lives of those around you. Your style is hugely influenced by different shades and tones; you’re the person that shops online and loves something so much that you buy it in every color. And you’re not afraid to be bold. But what if someone doesn’t like your outfit? Well, that’s their problem because you love it!

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As an overachiever who always needs to be busy, you tend to have a more conservative style. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative! You express your individuality in the way you mix and match your primarily business-casual closet. Not much else to say here!

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The most individualistic of all the signs, as an Aquarius you put a unique spin on everything you wear. You care about keeping up with the trends, but you adapt them to your own style. Your style choices tend toward more traditional and classic looks – but you have a flair for make them trendy and up-to-date.

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Your emotions drive every decision you make, and sometimes you can be self-conscious about your choice of wardrobe. While you are extremely artistic and like your outfits to reflect this, you would in no way want to be controversial with what you are wearing. Being quirky, yet not too out there or scandalous is your middle ground. Pisces typically stick with trendy designs, colors, and lots of layering.

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