It’s Baaaaaack! Coachella 2018

You know what time it is . . . It i almost COACHELLA 2018! If you didn’t get your ticket yet, it is too late! The music festival is SOLD OUT and you are missing out, sweetie. This years line up is crazy amazing with not only the Queen B
but also the Weeknd and Eminem as headliners.. Also performing are Cardi B, Post Malone, SZA, St. Vincent, Wiz the Kid, French Montana, MO basically anyone and everyone is going to be there whether they are performing or in the VIP section, so if you didn’t get your ticket already. . . Better luck next year, honey!

When we think of Coachella, all we can picture is dancing under the sun, flower power outfits, amazing live performances, celebrities, and unlimited amount of alcohol. Also, Coachella brings out some of the best fashion styles in the people attending. So let review some of the most iconic Coachella styles starting with the Queen on Coachella herself: Vanessa Hugdens

She is the Queen of Coachella for a reason , every single outfit she wears to the music festival is iconic in the home down to earth, bohemian chic type of way possible. Seriously, she can wear anything and pull it off. The first look she is wearing a bohemian maxi dress with beautiful facial studs on the top of her eyebrows and her hair naturally wavy. And in the second she is holding a giant sunflower with a tie-dye maxi skirt and a diamond bedazzled crop top with the right amount of facial jewelry and her hair back in a hair wrap. Her simplicity is what you should go for when pulling together “The Perfect Coachella Outfit”.

What did Queen Vanessa teach us: 

  • Maxi dress or maxi skirt, will always do
  • Facial jewelry is a MUST!!
  • Rhinestone studded sandals
  • Natural Hair
  • Lastly, the more jewelry the better

Next up is Miley Cyrus

You may ask, why I am choosing Miley as a fashion sense to pick up this Coachella season? Well some things that we might have learned from the Miley Cyrus is that yes, her Hannah Montana days are far over with but she has this hippie fashion style that just scream Coachella. Miley has made it clear that she has one of the tackiest styles but is that what Coachella is all about? Standing out and having the time of your life! Miley wears anything she wants…. literally anything, she doesn’t limit herself to the outfits you might see on the runway…












The first photo Miley is wearing red bandanna as a top and a skirt that it looks like she made herself while supporting glitter all on her arms and face and holding a balloon basket as a purse. What I love about the second look is the colorful and tacky jacket, this jacket could be worn with a basic comfortable outfit and still have you looking Coachella fierce. The tackier the better and nothing is wrong with taking a glitter bath before you run into the music festival.

Kendall Jenner











Kendall’s choices in jewelry is some of the best so far. The faux noise piece hoop ring attached to her earring is so beautiful that it doesn’t need a tacky outfit to help her stand out. The noise ring does that by itself. The giant necklace in the second photo can be worn with a simple maxi dress with your hair naturally down or in a up into two buns like Kendall did.

So pack up the sunglasses, and Polaroid camera’s for Coachella. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water and put sunscreen on while you are spending the day in the sun. And have the time of your life!

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Sydney M is a full time student athlete and she plays volleyball and majoring in Marketing. She is currently interning for the marketing department at Akira and she also is a fashion model. When she isn't busy with school or work you can find her at her house playing around with her 2 year old nephew singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes". If she isn't at home, she'll be out with her friends or spending time with her family. She loves to travel the world, she recently visited Playa Del Carmen with her mothers side of the family celebrating her aunts vow renewal. She is very outgoing, great listener, friendly, hardworking and caring.


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