The Basket Bag: A Summer Essential


The basket bag is the ultimate summer bag of the year due to its versatile style and shape and its ability to go well with almost everything. From clutches to bucket bags to totes, the tan weave matches any and all colors and neutralizes against floral patterns and bold colors. Fashion gurus of all types have been swept left and right by the basket weave trend and showcase a powerful summer staple and it’s not difficult to see why!

Poppy Red

The usual tan of the basket bag matches incredibly with anything red, perfectly complementing a hot color without distracting from the outfit!


Pink & Red Stripes

You too can hop onto the stripe trend and pair it with a bucket bag or beach tote for the perfect weekend outfit – talk about killing two trends with one summer look!


Romantic Magenta

If your basket weave bag has color, you can pair it with a more toned down version of the color red, magenta or a berry purple for a luscious vacation outfit.


Floral Prints: Pink

Another way to complement a floral pattern is to pair with intricate basket bags. They don’t steal the show but look summery and elegant at the same time!


Tropical Green

Trend alert! The exotic vibe of tropical green pairs well with a basket weave bag for a natural, outdoorsy look.



Ah, the classic summer look: all-white everything. Since white accessories on top of all-white clothes may blend in too much, the perfect match is to pair it with a basket bag, you can even add color by tying a bandana or adding a pom-pom charm!


Wide Leg Pants:

Summer calls for comfy and relaxed pants, so what better way to pair your favorite pair of wide-leg pants with a basket bag? Check out how it matches any type and color wash!

Faded Jeans


Dark Wash




If you’re looking for a handy and durable summer classic, be sure to shop the look!





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