Bodysuits: Spring 2016 Must-Have


Bodysuits = versatility

I mean, not only do you feel like Beyoncé while you’re getting dressed in the morning, but because you can wear bodysuits in so many different ways, outfit options are endless. Just ask the Kardashians.

Maybe don’t try this at home.

Bodysuits, so what?

You might be asking “how do bodysuits really differ than say… a normal shirt?” Well, well, well, my friend. I am happy to explain. First, they’re form-fitting. This comes in the clutch when you’re wearing one of those cotton/thin material skirts (of any length) or even high waist leggings. With a normal shirt, (unless it’s a crop top), you’re always trying to figure out how to hide the bumps and bunches of extra fabric. Bodysuits solve this problem, they’re seamless.


Exhibit A: Dressed up


Exhibit B: Dressed down

You can wear them with a tight mini skirt and you can wear them with jeans for that perfectly tucked in look, easily making them a staple for anyone hot chica’s closet.

What to look for in a bodysuit

If this is your first rodeo, welcome and hello.

We’ll be covering things like: crotch, butt, cut, color, and occasion.

The most important aspect of the bodysuit is le crotcherino. Yup, true story. Does it have 2 crotch snaps? 4 crotch snaps? And part of that also deals with the butt cut. Lots of bodysuits come “full butt” as I like to call it, meaning they’re like any ol’ bikini style pair of undies. There will be underwear lines if you wear them under certain things. So if you care about panty lines like I do, make sure the full butt bodysuit you’re about to buy would be worn mostly with jeans or something. Full butt bodysuits that are are a good go-to are the more basic styles like the t-shirt, long sleeve, simple tank top types.

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On the other hand, lots of bodysuits are thong-th-thong-thong-thongs. These are my favorites.  These bodysuits were made for dancing, strutting, and basically being queen of the world. Okay, maybe not that last part but the thong allows you to pair it with tight pants, short skirts, midi skirts made of paper thin fabric, etc. And the thong cut is typically attached to sexy bodysuits like ones that are super low cut, open back, or full of strings.

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Okay, okay, I want one now.

If you don’t already own like schfifty-five bodysuits.. start with a basic style and a neutral color. Tan/taupe/blush is very in right now, and it will match essentially any and every thing in your closet. Black, always a favorite, is also a good color to start with.



If you’ve passed GO, collected $200, and consider yourself a bodysuit connoisseur, let’s talk about about the more daring bodysuit styles for Spring 2016. You overly skilled bodysuit shoppers should opt for the deep-V, lace-up number (mega trendy right now). Or mesh styles that you can pair with a cute bralette. The open back bodysuit is also pretty daring, you have to find a good stick on bra or nipple stickers but it’s guaranteed to get that “look back at it” reaction.



Bodysuits are for everyone. They’re hot, make you feel sexy, take your outfit to a new level, and they’re just fun! If you don’t have any in your closet, you really need to get on it.

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