Bralettes You Should Show Off

Ooo la la!

(More like, braa la la)

Showing off that lacey bralette has become a major trend as of late. Whether it’s peaking out from behind an open back top, clear as day with a super low cut tank, or not-so-sneakily hiding behind a sheer top – it takes your look up at least 4 notches on the sexy post. What are some of our favorite ways to wear them? Let’s discuss.

You can go big and just put it all out there.

Not for the weak of heart. Putting your bralette on display like this is both empowering and attention-getting.

Be prepared for long, hard stares. (And potentially some drool.)

Rethink that open back top.

We’ve finally figured out a way to wear those cute cut-out tops (without just settling for a tank underneath).

Giving “party in the back” a whole new meaning.

Spice up a loose open-side tank.

Side-peaking bralettes are the new side boob. And it’s a much more comfortable, safe way to go about it.

No nip-slip threats on this one, but allllll of the sex appeal.


See it through.

Houston: We have a solution. There’s now a way to wear that completely see-through shirt that seemed like a great idea when you bought it 2 months ago (and still haven’t worn it..) Super sheer. Super chic!

Hell, why even cover it up?

It’s basically a crop top, riiiiight? Maybe not so much, but close enough in our books. We say go for it!

Probably most ideal on a hot, steamy summer day. (err, night *wink face*)

What I’m gettin’ at is.. it’s an all around must-have, 100%.

So yeah, either way, whether you wear it under a turtle neck or flaunt it with a super sheer top.. every woman needs to own at least one. There’s plenty of styles and cuts to choose from. That’s all you.

Personally, I wear one practically every day. If it happens to be showing, it’s a dash of sex appeal to my outfit. (Even the straps on these things are generally much cuter than any “normal” bra..) If no one can see it, I don’t care. I’m not wearing it for anyone other than myself anyway. #boostofconfidence I will say, though, that those with a larger than average chest will not find any support here. But I’m sure I didn’t need to tell you this.

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