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Oh, those dreaded days…When your closet looks drab and you’re strapped for outfit options. You’re at an OOTD loss; and babes, we’ve all been there and feel your pain. 

Essentially, the obvious quick fix would be to go shopping, right? But, what if you’re on a tight budget? Well, rest assured, your outfit doesn’t have to be pricey to be on-point. So, with a helping hand from our trendsetting gals at AKIRA, here are some money savvy shopping tips to help expand that wardrobe of yours.

1. Go for Sale or Clearance items.

Most, if not all stores, carry sale or clearance items. It’s a good way to get some of those expensive fashion necessities for a cut of the price.

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2. Utilize discounts.

Many stores have sporadic promotional discounts and flash sales. However, some also offer special deals for birthdays, students, teachers and veterans. Be sure to keep a keen eye out and research various stores to see what discounts apply to you.

3. Shop other Collections.

Several fashion houses have a number of brands under the same umbrella. For example, H&M features special collections from designers like Balmain, Alexander Wang and Versace. These collections are usually sold for less, while still reaming sustainable and of premium quality.

4. Shop around calendar holidays.

Think Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day and more. Stores tend to be very generous with sales and savings around the holiday season; so take full advantage of it and stock up on all the seasonal must-haves.

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5. Buy Secondhand.

Buying secondhand doesn’t always mean ragged and roughly used items. More often than not, you can purchase gently used and/or brand-new items from an array of discounted sources. Websites like Amazon, Tradesy and Poshmark let you purchase your favorite designer brands for a reduced price.

Additionally, vintage stores and hip exchange shops definitely hold some great gems. A thorough search and a sharp eye can lead you to some fabulous, inexpensive pieces that are in tune with the current trends.

6. Rent.

Fashion is like a revolving door. One day it’s in, and the next day it’s out. So if you have lavish taste, but lack the funds for it, renting is certainly an alternative option. It lets you keep up with the constant influx of trending items, without the pricey commitment.


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7. Apply for rewards or credit cards.

Some stores give complimentary discounts when you apply for their rewards program or open a credit card through their store. From personal experience, the discount can range from 5 -30%. Hence, the more you use the rewards/credit cards, the more you activate incentives (i.e. savings and free items).


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Adanna Obilor
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Adanna Obilor, is a Social Media Marketing Intern at AKIRA. When she's not day dreaming of having Ashley Graham's modeling career or winning some televised award, she's out and about with friends. Her hobbies are traveling, Netflix without the chill, concerts, and depending whenever she discovers a bomb plus size collection, shopping! She's currently navigating adulting, Chicago's bipolar AF weather, and her possibilities. Find her doing all the above on Instagram @i_adaore_me and Snapchat at aobilor.


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