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The Chicago weather is unpredictable now and days later, so when the chilly snowy sky comes around… we want you to be prepared. It seems now and days we don’t know what to expect and it can get pretty hectic when scrambling through your closet looking for something to wear. So don’t worry ladies, We always have your back when it comes to finding that perfect outfit. Here we have looks for everything that us girls love to do, from chilling on the coach to hitting the gym to break a sweat:

Netflix and Chill:

Over The Rainbow Knitted Sweater 

This stylish oversized rainbow sweater is perfect for forgetting about a gloomy sky so you can just cuddle, lodge around the house and it is a quick/easy outfit just to throw on when you are in a rush. Just pair this with your favorite booties, slicked back that hair into a nice ponytail and add any accessory… you are ready to go. The sweater is made of a soft heavy knit that will keep you warm in the Chicago weather .

Hypnos Printed Silky Blouse & Pants

This outfit with the pants and the top are amazing for lodging around in a fashionable way. The fabric feels silky and smooth on your skin while relaxing in your bed watching Netflix. Also if you don’t feel like chilling around your house, throw on a pair of your favorite heels and some earrings and strut out your house in style.


The Weeknd:

Fixed It Midi Dress

What other color is there that makes a statement like a hot red dress. This is the dress that you can throw on quickly to get ready as fast as possible. The Fixed it Midi Dress is versatile and easy to style yourself, from necklaces to fur coats, style this dress in anyway possible. Work it with a nice pair of high heels for a night out in the city.

Can’t Find This OVERSIZED Faux Fur Jacket

This fur coat screams “Look at me”, how can eyes not turn to look at you when you walk at the house with this coat on. The Can’t Find This Oversized Faux Fur Coat is the jacket that every female has been looking for because not only does it stand out, it will keep you warm during your night out. Now since you have finally found the coat of your dreams, you two may live happily every after.

Work It:

Easy There HI – Lo Denim Dress

Trying to find a stylish outfit to wear to work? Look no further, the denim dress checks out as fashionable yet respectable to walk into your job in. It is very casual with a hi-lo hem that shows off your legs, so pair this outfit with a pair of booties or heels and with your hair in a bun and you are ready for work.

Know The Rules Bandage Skirt

Finding a quick and easy outfit to wear to your job can be difficult to accomplish in a short amount of time. Lucky this outfit is easy to pair together since it can be worn  out for a night out as well as to your job. Pair this bandage skirt with any of our bodysuits and your favorite heels and a clutch. It is so simple yet very effective! Now go pay those bills, honey!

Finesse Fitness


Champion Logo Leggings

 Wear the Champion logo legging with any sports bra and a pair of Nike shoes and head out for a jog. These stretchy high rise waistband leggings are comfortable on your legs and they have a special lining to avoid that see-through effect. They are so comfortable that you would want to wear them everyday.

Champion Women’s Reverse Weave Jogger

These slim-fit sweats are perfect to wear to the gym when you are trying to break a sweat for that New Year New Me body. They are easy to move around in when lifting weights or doing some cardio. Match them with a tee-shirt, sports bra or sweater and you are ready for the gym. Also, you can keep-it chill for a night out with your friends, just find a pair of heels and head out to your favorite restaurant.





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Sydney M is a full time student athlete and she plays volleyball and majoring in Marketing. She is currently interning for the marketing department at Akira and she also is a fashion model. When she isn't busy with school or work you can find her at her house playing around with her 2 year old nephew singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes". If she isn't at home, she'll be out with her friends or spending time with her family. She loves to travel the world, she recently visited Playa Del Carmen with her mothers side of the family celebrating her aunts vow renewal. She is very outgoing, great listener, friendly, hardworking and caring.


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