Cute Dresses That Are Toats Work-Appropriate

There’s an age-old rule in my book: “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”

If you go into work every day looking like a slob, it can quite possibly rub off on others’ impression of your overall work ethic. But whether you just like wearing cute dresses or you’re trying to “dress to impress” for that open management position (or maybe to ‘wow’ a cute co-worker) – there’s a fine line between what you could and should wear to work. Let’s first mention that not all workplaces are the same. Some allow jeans, but some will throw you in the chokey for even mentioning jeans. #MatildaReference

So let’s look at this as a flexible dress guide that can be applied to the more general, “millennial” type workplaces.

Keep it classy. Keep it simple.

Appropriate for (basically) every office are the more modest styles like the long-sleeved midi dress. These are one of my all-time favorites no matter the season, but these bodycon dresses tend to be fitted. So be sure to check for factors like sheerness and underwear lines. Dresses quickly go from appropriate to wtf are you wearing in the two seconds it takes to make sure your spongebob-print full-coverage undies aren’t showing clear as day on your backside. If it is a little sheer and/or tight – wear nude undergarments and pair it with a long sweater or chic shawl.



Watch necklines.

It doesn’t have to be super low-cut in order to exude a little sexiness. The polar opposite turtleneck dress can be toats stylish, (warm), and still on-strend. They’re also great for a work environment. If it’s fitted and sleeveless.. consider throwing on a cardigan that at least covers most of your butt. If it’s retro and a tad short, pair it with solid (non-sheer) tights. and maybe some cute knee-high boots.

COWL_NECK_OPEN_BACK_MIDI_DRESS_BURGUNDY_4__64081.1450132639.1280.1280RIBBED_SHIFT_DRESS_NAVY_1__94214.1449617001.1280.1280 HIGH_NECK_LONGSLEEVE_SHIFT_DRESS_KHAKI_1__39370.1448328170.1280.1280 TURTLENECK_SWIRL_PATTERN_MIDI_BODYCON_DRESS_GOLD_1__59374.1449623661.1280.1280

But still, be adventurous.

Rules were meant to be broken. Not saying go into work with your ass cheeks hanging out or anything, but don’t be afraid to let your own personal style show through. Try edgy cuts and daring print dresses. Don’t be boring just because you have a boring office job. Yes, people might ask “why are you so dressed up?” Haters gon hate. Let ’em.

LONGSLEEVE_PRINT_MIDI_BODYCON_DRESS_2__98384.1442251699.1280.1280SLEEVELESS_PLUM_PLAID_CROSS_FRONT_TIE_DRESS_1__73243.1444778751.1280.1280MOCK_NECK_RUFFLE_SLEEVE_OPEN_BACK_BODYCON_MIDI_DRESS_BLACK_1__44185.1450121818.1280.1280   SOULMATE_WHITE_FLORAL_DRESS_1__17945.1439219028.1280.1280

Sadly, if your office is like mine and can be compared to a human icebox at all times.. then your SOL and have fun wearing 12 sweaters are the same time. Summer, where areee youuu??


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