Make Your Liner Anything But Basic

Give your makeup game a little refresher.

We all know and love the classic winged eyeliner so well, but this year, we’re all about spicing things up. Now is the time to stray away from the plain and boring by opting for bolder looks with plenty of edge. So, make a statement with your makeup and master these unique eyeliner trends.

Negative Space 

This look effortlessly nails the cool girl vibes you’ll be going for this summer. Keep the face makeup to a minimum and let the eyeliner do all of the talking.

Credit: Michiyo Yanagihara

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Bright Eyes

Essentially, this is something you can do with any eyeliner trend that comes to mind. However, if you’re trying to venture away from your ‘all black everything’ look, try out this beauty trick for a small, yet vibrant burst of color.


Credit: Shadeybangs

The 60’s 

We’ve seen this trend pop up almost every year, but not without some sort of change. You can go full on Twiggy or you can simply sweep a thick line across the crease of the eyelid.

Credit: Bridalisedhair


For this look, think outside of the box and get inventive. Find various creative ways to use lines and dots as a liner or as accent marks around the eyes.

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