Fashion Tips For B*tches Who Brunch

The brunch phenom is a serious thing.

You know it, I know it, we all know it. And we all loooove it. Brunch is no seasonal occasion, either. The only difference is eating inside versus outside now that weather seems to be taking a turn towards BRRRRR. And for most of us b*tches who looove to brunch, it’s yet another occasion that provides the opportunity to change out of sweats (err, maybe) and into something cute like those new distressed boyfriend jeans that you can’t wear to the office. (Because of that pesky “no distressed denim” rule. Le sigh)

Attire will vary depending on whether you’re checking out the new chic spot (with the two hour wait) versus the trustly ol’ diner on the corner that always seems to be packed (but never has much of a wait..) You might be doing some shopping or further drinking post-brunch, you might have a date later you’ll bounce straight to after brunch.. You might just be making a brief public appearance before face planting back to bed. Who knows. Those are all things to consider when getting dressed.

Let’s take these scenarios one by one..

Post-Brunch Fancy Plans

Meeting up with a hot guy after? Keeping the party going and planning on popping by a bar? Go for a fancy bottom – whether it’s pleather leggings, a tight midi skirt, or a flowy runway-esque maxi skirt – they’re all appropriate for day to night type activities. And you’re going to look hot no matter what it is you’re doing. Don’t forget to finish off the look with some strappy heels or heeled booties.


Post-Brunch Shopping Plans

If you’re using brunch as a means to fuel up for the day (and those mimosas are loosening up your pockets) – go for something like black stretchy pants and a cozy sweater, with slightly heeled or flat booties. Remember, you will probably be doing a lot of walking, so no stilettos (unless, of course, you’re a pro). If you want a more dressed up (but still comfortable) look, go for a loose fitting dress or oversized shirt that you can wear as a dress, a moto jacket, and some fly sneakers. You’ll be able to shop til you drop and still look fine as phuck.


Post-Brunch Chill Plans

You’re not really doing anything special, or maybe nothing is even planned after brunch. But you’re in the mood to look like you put some effort into it without having to spend too much time getting ready. Well, toss on some skinny jeans or black leggings, a v-neck top, and a cute jacket. Don’t forget to accessorize. Still sound too basic for you? Step up your outfit game with some sexy thigh high boots. They make even the most basic of outfits wayyy more stylish.


Feeling adventurous? Tie up that top and show a little midriff. Feeling extra adventurous? Go not-so-basic and layer a cute crop top, a cape blazer, and let a pair of calvins peak out. Soo Kylie Jenner.


Post-Brunch STRAIGHT Back to Bed Plans

You’re like, starving. And there’s nothing to eat at home. Delivery is an option, but you are craaaaving those breakfast tacos at the place down the street and of course they don’t offer delivery. They’re not on GrubHub either. UGH. But they sound so gooooood. (And, hey, a bloody doesn’t sound bad either.. hair of the dog and all that..). But once you’ve got your fill (literally), the plan is to face plant right back on the bed. Maybe you’ll drift off back to sleep or maybe you’ll catch up on the latest episode of TWD. What you won’t be doing is changing your clothes at any point today. Pajamas all day! Believe it or not, you can wear PJs in public (and not look like a bum). Just toss on one of your cute sweaters (or jackets if it’s extra chilly) and some shoes with attitude.. and boom! You’re good to go. Just don’t forget your sunglasses. Because let’s not lie to ourselves.. no one is planning on putting any makeup on today either. #lazysunday




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Sara Berke
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Sara Berke is the Digital Marketing Manager for and Editor in Chief of When she’s not shoe shopping or convincing herself that she definitely needs yet another new outfit.. you’ll either find her chillin’ on the couch watching Desperate Housewives, hanging with Paxton and Kit (her dog and cat), or she's bouncing around the city with friends eating up all the food and drinking all the drinks. Find her on social @saraberke


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