What’s Trending in 2017?


Your guide to 2017 approved trends.

From bombers and puffers to silky slips and all things velvet, 2016 brought forth a whirlwind of fashion. While we can remain nostalgic and reminisce on all these stylish fads that stormed their way into our wardrobes – and our hearts – we’ve long bid adieu to last year. 2017 is well underway, and with a new year comes new trends to conquer. Let’s take a look at what’s currently shaking up the fashion world for the present and upcoming seasons.

Statement Earrings

Some trends never totally fizzle out. Statement earrings have been strutting down runways and onto the ears of our favorite celebs for quite some time. Their popularity, however, has definitely seen some fluctuation, diminishing slightly in the last few years. But, low and behold, the trend is back in full force for the spring/summer ’17 season. Statement earrings are, well, the new statement earrings! The more dramatic in size, decor and vibrancy, the better.

earrings, trends, 2017

Credit: ImaxTree

earrings, trends, 2017

Credit: Sandra Semburg

Channel the 80’s

2017 has called for a resurrection of the 80’s. You’re probably thinking leggings, neon, custom denim jackets, ruffles — and you’re not wrong! The era’s style has made a comeback, and while it is a bold look, it’s definitely possible to nail when interpreted the right way.

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denim, jackets, trends, 2017

©Sandra Semburg

Slogan Tees

Political controversy and activism have already become a definitive part of the 2017 year thus far. Spreading messages and raising awareness on important issues have found their way into fashion, quickly replacing the logo craze of 2016. So let your voices be heard this season! Now’s the time to speak your mind through your clothes.


slogan tees, trends, 2017

Credit: @badgalriri; Indigital.tv

slogan tees, trends 2017

Credit: Prabal Gurung; Thurstan Redding


Look forward to military influenced pieces and hues. Think anything khaki, cargo or boxy — there’s no wrong way to rock the look.

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Strong Stripes

A simple but effective motif, stripes are everything this spring. With a minimal and contemporary energy, expect them to replace crisp, white basics.

Thin, bold, neutral, color contrasting – doesn’t matter how you stripe, just stripe.

stripes, trends, akira, 2017

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Athleisure -> Athluxury

Sport-inspired styles are here to stay, but now it’s all about upping the ante. It’s time to focus on the boujee and put a dolled-up spin on your best sporty pieces. Imagine country club luxury and athletic-chic street-style.

luxe, athleisure, trends, 2017

athleisure, luxe, trends, 2017

Credit: Sandra Semburg


When ‘athleisure’ took a backseat to ‘athluxury,’ so did the clean sporty sneaker. Flatforms have now taken center stage and are carving up the city boulevards with fury.

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