What your favorite drink says about you… and your style.

What your favorite drink says about you… and your style.

We all have it: our go-to drink. On our birthdays and other momentous occasions, our friends make sure that we are never without it. Whether it be at a house party, local bar, glitzy gala, or a night on the town, we order, sip (or chug), and enjoy the wonderful afterglow from our favorite drink. All of this being said, your drink of choice says a lot about your personal style. So, what does your drink of choice say about you?




Ahh… the beer girl. We all know one. It’s that girl at the party who is trying to act like one of the guys. She wants to be “the cool girl.” She also wants to remain relatively sober so she can maintain the composed, chill aura she’s got going on – and maybe judge the other drunk girls at the party. If your drink of choice is beer, you definitely have a more casual, laid back style. You’re put-together, but it truly is effortless. You don’t need the glamorous, sparkly statement pieces that someone like me basically lives in. You will thrive in jeans (or nice sweats/joggers), a simple pullover, and Timberlands. Simplicity is key.

Live Your Life Knitted Sweater

Street Thing Boyfriend Jeans

Timberland Icon 6 Inch Premium Waterproof Boots




If you drink champagne outside of birthdays and promotions, you really stand out in a crowd. You find any reason to celebrate yourself and your friends, and you’re more likely than not to wake up the next morning with the previous night’s makeup still on your face. You also are one of the lucky (#blessed) people who doesn’t get a hangover (seriously, who doesn’t get a hangover from being champagne drunk?!). Your style is all-out: you’re constantly overdressed for every occasion, but you love it. Glitter, sequins and sex appeal define your everyday wardrobe.

Line of Time Belted Sequin Dress

Real Hot Deep V Sequin Crop Top and Skirt

The Glow Up Rhinestone Stiletto Booties




People that order martinis on the reg EXUDE sophistication, and they can clearly hold their liquor. Martini drinkers can be completely blacked out and no one can tell… most of the time. They tend to be intellectuals who want to comment on recent literary trends. Did you see the new Van Gogh at the Art Museum? If you’re a martini drinker, you did! Your style is simple, yet sophisticated. Everything fits like a glove, but not in a clubby way. Your style enhances your natural features, and your intellect will never be overshadowed by a tight, red pleather set. You are more likely to wear simple, yet elegant, black pieces.

Take It To The Max Double Lined Jumper

Life Itself Blazer

OTK Heeled Boot




The whiskey girl. Similar to the beer girl, the whiskey girl is a favorite of our male counterparts. Whiskey girls are classy without being pretentious (I’m looking at you, martini drinker), and they’re definitely not afraid of getting a little buzz on – and maybe drunk-texting an ex. Does it sound like I’m speaking from experience? Guilty as charged. Whiskey drinkers are confident and will probably show up to a party 30 minutes late. Your style aims to look like you didn’t try that hard but, in reality, you changed a minimum of 5 times to achieve that “effortless” look. Two-piece sets and jumpsuits are a must for you. You want to look like you just threw something on and still look good – even though you and I both know that’s a lie.

Triple Threat High Rise Pant and Crop Top

Wait For You Lace Bodice Jumpsuit

Sky Is the Limit Lace Up Pointed Toe Stiletto Bootie

Vodka Anything


Tonic, soda, red bull, cranberry, etc. The vodka anything drinker is perfectly content sipping on her drink, but is always at the ready to begin chugging. She’s not (normally) trying to break the bank by ordering a sophisticated or high-end drink; she’ll take the house vodka, please. The vodka anything drinker is your friend who will rally and stay out until the bars and clubs close at 4 AM. She’s not as into making a statement with her fashion, but she definitely wants to look on par with her friends – she just isn’t willing to sacrifice comfort for a show-stopping dress. If you’re a vodka anything drinker, your style tends toward simple pants or a skirt with a cute, but basic, crop top or bodysuit. Throw on a pair of your favorite black booties, and you’re good to go.

The Getaway Mini Skirt

Life Itself Crop Top

Charmed I’m Sure Chunky Heel Platform Booties



Enough said. This girl just wants to have a good time. Maybe she’ll make some bad decisions (which she will perceive as good decisions), and she’s the bad influence in your friend group. The tequila drinker is a bad bitch – she knows she looks good, and she’s not afraid to tell you. The tequila drinker could make a trash bag look trendy. If you’re a tequila drinker, your style is whatever the hell you want it to be that night (or day, no judgement). You’re not afraid to embrace a trend seen only on the Kardashians and make it your own, and you surely aren’t afraid to wear statement pieces.


Point of No Return Metallic Jumpsuit


Liquid Gold Sequin Mini Dress

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