How to find your formal style

Part of the fun of any special event is getting dressed up for it, BUT that also brings the pressure of finding the perfect outfit. You need something that makes you feel like you, but at your best, shiniest, most special. And also, something you can move, eat and breathe in, preferably all at once.

Take a breath, stop freaking out, and check out our fashion fairy godmother guide that’s going to get you to the ball looking beautiful.


Classic red carpet

Have you always dreamed of being one of the superstars sweeping down the red carpet in a flash of cameras, waving to your adoring fans, and striking a pose that winds up in next day’s Best Dressed run downs? If so, check out the This Is Your Moment Sweetheart Evening Gown. Straight from classic Hollywood, this gorgeous evening dress has a strapless sweetheart neckline and sweeping mermaid-style skirts, with layers of netting underneath so it has that real gliding motion.

This Is Your Moment Sweetheart Evening Gown

Wear with:
Add a modern twist in a sparkly choker, and don’t forget a clutch, but choose a neutral shade so it doesn’t distract from the main event (which is you, in a ballgown, btw).



Wonder Woman

Channel your inner superhero into an outfit truly worthy of a goddess. The Bow Down Cape Romper is a hot twist on your standard special event wear, made from a strapless romper with a sexy notched neckline and a billowing cape at the back, with a glittery finish all over. Glamorous and powerful.

Bow Down Cape Romper

Wear with:
Shoes that make you feel like an action heroine in that scene where she’s slow mo striding through the middle of chaos like a boss, complete with wind machine, fake explosions, and dramatic music.



‘50s prom queen

We’re all grateful to be living in the 21st century, what with wifi, no corsets, and, like, basic hygiene, but there are some seriously beautiful fashions we would like to pick out from the past.
If you’ve ever dreamed of being Sandy in the Grease dance-off scene, or West Side Story’s Maria, or basically anyone at a ‘50s prom, the We Go Together Embroidered Floral Prom Dress is the one that you want, with a satiny lining and big tulle overlay made for twirling.

We Go Together Embroidered Floral Prom Dress

Wear with:
Maybe the only time we’ve ever had the urge to wear big pearl earrings… No? OK, if that’s too far, add your favorite sugary sweet accessories and heels you can dance in, or take your cue from the T-Birds and toughen it up with a leather moto jacket for the after party.


Goth goes glam

If your style icon is Morticia Addams, you only wear black, and not in a Posh Spice/New York fashion way, and you were dying your hair green before it was mainstream, you might just love this dress. The That Perfect Fit Off Shoulder Lace Dress combines a lace overlay that’s straight from Victoriana with a modern off shoulder neckline and kinda retro skater skirt, to give you a gown that’s Goth and totally party acceptable.

That Perfect Fit Off Shoulder Lace Dress

Wear with:
You are the queen of accessorizing, you don’t need us to tell you how to dress this up. Find your fanciest, laciest, most glorious vintage-looking accessories; channel Miss Havisham, Dita Von Teese, or Lydia in Beetlejuice – whoever your personal icon is – and amp it up.



Fashion forward

You want to be the one who stands out in rooms where everyone is dressed their best, and you’re not afraid to take risks to achieve that goal. One that’s gonna pay off is the Can’t Stay Away Sequin Romper, which combines every detail you could ask of a special event outfit, including embroidered sequin swirls, sheer mesh, a plunging illusion neckline and fringing, into a short romper.
Personally, we think this is a totally awesome substitute for a dress, but if you’re going somewhere that demands something floor-length, try the Neva Satin Jumpsuit, with a plunging neckline, long sleeves, and wide flowing legs.

Can’t Stay Away Sequin Romper

Neva Satin Jumpsuit

Wear with:
The sequin romper already brings a lot to the party, so if you’re making that your statement, consider keeping the rest low-key, in strappy neutral shoes. The longer satin number can handle more sparkle, especially that plunging neckline, so definitely bring your hot take to this edgy and elegant design.


Flapper fabulous

Jazz and gin and table dancing – those 1920s flappers knew how to have a good time. They were the first generation freed up from seriously rigorous dressing standards, so it’s maybe not a surprise that we still see those fringe dresses as a symbol of living up every night like it’s a giant dance party. The Dance The Night Away Fringe Dress updates the wild looks of the past into something more modern, with a bodycon fit, mini cut, embroidered mesh panels, and fringing top and bottom. Put it on and try to resist twirling, we dare you.

Dance The Night Away Fringe Dress

Wear with:
The flappers wore their dresses with low, chunky-heeled pumps, and kitten heels have been edging their way back into the fashion world recently, so jump on that trend if you wanna. But if you’re all about your stilettos, absolutely get them out. This look is all about the right to express your fun-loving side, so work it your way.


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