Fur sure the worst nail trend yet

Furry nails are a trend, and they must be stopped.

Just about the worst thing since bubble nails, this trend is not only impractical, but mostly it’s just gross to look at, much less deal with in normal life. Most nail trends would be considered horrendously boring compared to the newest finger fashion fad to hit the screen. Move over reverse french and ombre nails, hairy nails have hit the scene. (All “thanks” to Libertine) Yes, it’s as bad as it sounds. And yes, it’s exactly what you’re imagining. 


When your fingernails could use some Nair, you know you’ve got issues.

There are so many unimaginable ways in which hairy nails and life don’t mix, but here’s a few of our top picks:

  • No one likes hair in their food. Considering you use your hands to eat, it seem you would be begging for a plate sprinkled in whispy hairs. Yum.
  • If you need to scratch your eye, you’re going to either poke yourself with hairs or get more stuck up in there (and get stuck in a never ending loop of torture)
  • Same as above but what if you need to pick something out of your mouth? Good luck.
  • Most importantly, how do you wash your hands?? And what if you want to put on lotion?
furry nails ew why

No trolls were harmed in the making of these nails. Or were they?

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human hair furry nails fall 2016 trends

Why go faux when you can DIY with your own?

furry nail trend gross ew texting

When your nails cover half your screen

Let’s reminisce in the good old days when bubble nails were the worst.


Wait, just kidding. It’s literally a tie for grosses nail art imaginable.

Let’s hope this is just one of those runway trends that doesn’t actually enter the real world. Although we’ve already seen some major nail artists trying the trend. Just don’t let this happen to you.

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