I Just Wana Feel Your Bodycon Me

If you find yourself pondering… “Hmmm, mini, midi, or maxi..? ....Which style bodycon should I wear??”

Welp, ponder no further! I yam here to halp yuuu.

Considering the 3 levels of bodycon dresses go from WA-BAM to ooo la la to comfycozz.. they’re probs appropriate for different types of occasions, so I think we can run through it together and by the end of this article you’ll have decided, okay.. that one!

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Floral print dress | bodycon dress | midi dress | cute dress

Geometric knit bodycon dress | mini dress | short dress

The bodycon dress has become a go-to look for a night out. Victoria Beckham has been wearing them since the 90’s (circa short bleach bob and negative body fat…alllll boobs. Wait, isn’t that her now? No, she has brown hair now. Ah, yes.) Anyways, so the style isn’t exactly new, but bodycon dresses are definitely more mainstream and better yet, suitable for so many occasions.

The Mini Bodycon

Wearing a mini bodycon can put you in one of those situations where if you drop something, you’re doing an awkward closed-leg side squat and trying not to wobble to the ground. These are best left to nights out where you’ll be either dancing under flashing lights and loud music, or sitting down at a fancy dinner with your legs crossed. No doubt, all eyes will be on you.

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The Midi Bodycon

Midi bodycon dresses are the most versatile. You can wear them to work and you can wear them to happy hour. Heck, you can even wear them to the club. Who doesn’t love that hour-glass look while basking in the glow of pure comfort? We sure do.



The Maxi Bodycon

We’re not going to lie. Maxi bodycon dresses might be more for those of you who often hear, “Ugh. I hate you. You can pull off anything.” They give you a tighter hug than your aunt Milly, but paired with a big bag, statement hat, and strappy heels.. Boom. Instant chic on the street.

Warning: may cause unstoppable whistling from construction workers.



(Some images found via Pinterest)



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