Glam SZN


Temperatures are dropping, the days end sooner, the wind howls louder and we all just want to stay warm…

However, sacrificing style? A no no. We won’t allow it.  The glamorous life is year round, Period.

This year, ditch the typical Winter get up: hoodies, denim, and those old boots your mom bought you for Christmas three years ago. Go full throttle fabulous.

Check out our head to hands guide on how to balance cozy threads with fashionable garbs.



Bedazzle the Beanie.  (No need to buy a Bedazzler) Instead, use textures like fur to upgrade your hat game, and have fun with baroque accessories.


Peacoats are… cute. Maybe. Consider rocking a vibrant faux fur, metallic puffer coat, sleek trenchcoat, or layer up with a fabulous poncho.


Use fabric wisely. Corduroy isnt just a cuddly bear, its a vintage look and super warm. Velvet, suede, and stylized denim are great too.


UGGS are classic yet typical. It’s time for variety.


Finish strong with a fun handbag. Velvet, fur, fashion.. oh my!

Now go and be great in your glamour!

Marissa Sallie
Written by

Marissa is Copywriter at Akira. Fashion and self-expression fuels her life. She studied Advertising Art Direction with a focus in copy-writing and web design. She firmly believes in using wardrobe as armor against the ways of the world.


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