Going Out Dresses For The Club


Going Out Dresses

It’s the freakin’ weeken’ FINALLY …But what in the duck should I wear?? If you find yourself asking this very question, you have come to the right place. Depending on your vibe, there’s a few go-to styles of going out dresses that will fit your fancy. The range is real.

Mini Dresses


Not all going out dresses are equal. And not every mini dress is skin tight. (But the sexiest ones tend to be..) The mini dress in particular makes a bold statement, whether it looks like it was literally painted on your body or it moves and sways with you and the wind – it’s meant to show leg, and a lot of it! These styles elongate legs and will have fellow club-goers tryna get a peek up that skirt. So be prepared. And maybe put on some underwear tonight to avoid a Spears moment or two.

Bodycon Dresses


Bodycon dresses fit like a glove. A very tight, stretchy glove. They accentuate curves like none other and can make even the most pancake ass look 3x better. These going out dresses be on fleek. So walking past all those bottle service tables will have dem boys lookin’ back at it. Don’t forget to twist your hips. Meee-ow!

Lace Dresses


Always a staple in the going out dresses handbook. Lace is one of the sexiest materials known to womankind (think bras and panties), so it’s no wonder it’s one of the hottest styles to wear to the club. It will not only turn heads (possibly causing whiplash), it will take your confidence level from just regular ‘ol good to James-Brown-level-I-Feel-Good. Nananananana na nah!


When it comes to going out to the clubs, the most important thing to wear is a thick layer of confidence. Dance like no one is watching, and if you’d rather have people watching.. find a table and get it on it. No one will tell you to get down. #Trust


Sara Berke
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Sara Berke is the Digital Marketing Manager for shopAKIRA.com and Editor in Chief of blog.shopakira.com. When she’s not shoe shopping or convincing herself that she definitely needs yet another new outfit.. you’ll either find her chillin’ on the couch watching Desperate Housewives, hanging with Paxton and Kit (her dog and cat), or she's bouncing around the city with friends eating up all the food and drinking all the drinks. Find her on social @saraberke


  • Melissa

    I never of thought these could be possible until I found your blog. This is something I can definitely use for my next travel!

  • Sara Berke
    Sara Berke

    So glad to hear you like the blog! We will definitely be having new articles on the blog each week and we’ll even be launching some contests and quizzes soon to make it a little more fun! Enjoy 🙂

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