Warning: Graphic (t-shirt) content


If the thought of another plain tee/blah blouse is enough to make you cry with boredom and consider simply wearing a bag instead, allow us to step in and introduce you to these not-boring everyday options.

These playful prints are full-on fun, mixing bold and colorful designs with sequins, frilly sleeves, and dangling straps, for a look that’s so not ‘meh, seen it all before’.


The meow the merrier: The Bad Kitty Oversized Tee

You’ll be feline fierce.

Bad Kitty Oversized Tee

Cut to be a dress or a tee, this shirt is decorated with a giant cat head made from sequins, with the raw hems and distressed details, plus those enormous fangs, adding together to equal a don’t-mess-with-me vibe. Proof that kittens don’t have to be cutesy.


Nostalgia is so much better now: The Think Pink Panther Shirt Dress

Take a trip back to Saturday morning cartoon binges in this shirt that’s on a sugar high after too much cereal in front of the TV. Featuring characters from your favorite show about an unusually brightly colored big cat, this graphic livens up a dull button-down-and-jeans combo, or you can work it as a mini dress.

Think Pink Panther Shirt Dress


It will make your inner child deliriously happy, too.


Hippy hippy shake it up: The Hippy Birthday Sequin Graphic T Shirt Dress

If you own (and use) incense, have bought (and read) a palm reading book, and sort of think there could be something to this whole magical crystals thing, the mystic boho vibes of this top are right up your lavender-scented alley.

Hippy Birthday Sequin Graphic T Shirt

The straight cut and flouncy sleeves are the lovechild of ’60s chic and ’70s flare, and the gazing flower-child-in-the-clouds face with the peace symbol rounded shades is like your cartoon best friend. Hippy vibes with a fashion edge.


Art school dropout: Eye Love You Oversized Sweater Dress

Not for the fashion sheep, this sweater dress is striding boldly in a direction all its own.


Based on a comfy sweater with ribbed cuffs and neck, the party starts in that decoration. It reworks the generic jock ’73’ print into an arthouse treat, featuring a giant sequin heart behind a giant sequin eye, and there are also giant round sequins attached. We don’t know exactly what PREAMS means… but we’re all about this imaginative, sparkly sweater.

Eye Love You Oversized Sweater Dress


Lick it up: Lickalicious Sequin Ice Cream Hoodie

Broadcast your very important feelings about ice cream through your clothes.


This hoodie dress celebrates your favorite frozen treat (chocolate chip for us, please) in Insta-worthy style: with a giant, fuchsia-haired cartoon with her sights set on sequin ice cream cones, and earrings with dangling ribbons. We like them paired with pleather leggings or thigh high boots, but you bring your personal flava.

Lickalicious Sequin Ice Cream Hoodie

Sea what I mean: Anchors Away Oversized Shirt Dress

If you’ve always secretly wanted a yacht, or if you’ve always wanted to dress like you have a yacht, here’s the first step to making either of those dreams come true.


This shirt is printed with vintage-inspired ship motifs, including compasses, wheels and anchors, with stripe details to take it fashion rather than ahoy there, sailor. Already got us dreaming about summer days on a blue sea… except this is much easier to pull off.

Anchors Away Oversized Shirt Dress

Goodbye boring, time to get graphic.


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