Halloween Style Doubles

There are two types of girls – the ones who spend hours painting, crafting, and sewing a beautiful Halloween costume, and the ones who use their cheap eyeliner to draw on whiskers and throw on a pair of cat ears.

I’m not ashamed to say I’m the cat.

It’s not that I’m lazy (I am), or don’t want to spend the money on an outfit I’ll wear once (I don’t), or even the fact that I’m not creative enough to come up with a unique costume (probably am not) – it’s just…. All of those reasons combined.

Halloween was a time to pretend to be something you’re not, whether that was a princess, a superhero, or whatever – but now you know what I like to pretend to be… rich, and I can’t pretend to be rich while spending dolla dolla billz on the cheap table cloth piece the local costume store is selling in hopes it’ll make me Marilyn Monroe for the night.

Pinterest has really helped over the years with all the DIY costumes. You’d be surprised what some old dance makeup and costumes could make, but it’s time to be original, and I want pieces that I can re-wear when Halloween is over.

In my quest to find this year’s Halloween costume on a budget, I have kept in mind the desire to be able to wear these spooky pieces again in the day light without looking like I’m Halloween’s number one fan.

Super Villains:

HUGE fan of all the super hero and villain shows/movies/costumes. I love the dramatic makeup used, and how you really can get creative with outfit choice (stop being Harley Quinn, we are over it).

The Joker:

Famous for a color combo of green and purple, don’t be afraid to mix it up with a bold red lip and some green hair dye. We’ve got the thigh high purple boots the Joker wishes he had to destroy Gotham in.

Shop Thigh High Purple Boots

Not a fan of heels on Halloween? Maybe switch to water. KIDDING. Try the mesh two piece set in purple, and deck your face out in makeup. Both of these pieces can be worn again in a going out setting, or mixed and matched with other pieces in your closet.

Shop Mesh Crop Top

Shop Purple Mini Skirt


Poison Ivy:

MORE GREEN PLEASE! Not only are the green pieces great for fall and winter weather, they’re also going to make you look like the beautiful Poison Ivy for a night. Get your plant on, girl.

Shop Olive Green Thigh High Boots

Shop Green Cardigan

Cat Woman:

A leather suit for the Cat Woman in all of us. Keep it in the nighttime, unless you’re daring enough to wear it during daylight.

Shop Pleather Jumpsuit

Super Heroes:

Looking to be on the good side this Halloween? No worries, switch it up.

Wonder Woman/Super Girl:

We love our red jumpsuits. Be the most fabulous super woman during this night, and an even more fabulous fashionista another night.

Shop Red Jumpsuit

Shop Red Thigh High Boots


Baddest in the gameeee! But for real, this two-piece set is hot, hot, HAWT. Electra or not, you’re going to turn some heads in this pleather set.

Shop Pleather Crop Top

Shop Pleather Midi Skirt


Love a good set of black. Be yourself always, unless you can be Batman… then def be Batman.

Shop Mesh Crop Top

Shop Mini Skirt


Disco Queen:

Disco it up with this two-piece set. You’ll be the center of the attention, for sure, as the light reflects off of each sequin. Want to be the main attraction always? Get it for next Friday night. Shine on baby girl.

Shop Sequin Crop Top

Shop Sequin Mini Skirt


Get in touch with Woodstock with some flare. The jumpsuit is a comfy costume option for Halloween night, and the next night, and the next night, and the next night, and the next night, and the next night….

Shop Jumpsuit

Kardashian/Jenner Inspired:

Even if you’re not a fan, you have to respect that they literally dictate the fashion world. The girls have style, so why not try it for yourself. We’ve got a few looks that’ll take you to celeb in no time.

Shop Patent Crop Top

Shop Patent Midi Skirt

Shop Fringe Jumpsuit

Shop Snakeskin Crop Top

Shop Snakeskin Mini Skirt

Shop Peplum Yellow Sweat Pant

Shop Sexy Patent Midi Dress

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Katelyn Reno is the Social Media Coordinator and Digital Marketing Associate for shopAKIRA.com. She has a passion for strong coffee, breakfast foods and befriending every dog in the world. If not found obsessing over new street style pieces, you can find her writing, reading or drinking a dirty martini (potentially all three). Follow her on social @katelynmreno


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