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Working at AKIRA is no joke.


This entire company is composed of hard-working, multi-taskers that go above and beyond to “get the job done” as they say. There are a few key people on the team that play a huge role, not only in this blog, but also in making sure AKIRA stays up and running with new sh*t all day, every day. From getting the product styled and photographed to getting it live on the website to getting the word out to people that we even exist.. These are the girls behind the curtain.


Natalie Jordan: Lead Merchant Coordinator

Natalie Jordan

Basically, without her the site would be totally empty. She is the backbone of getting product live and ready for purchase on She manages all web inventory from arriving in our warehouse all the way through post-production. She coordinates pricing, promotion, and placement of product on-site and is a liaison between web operations, marketing, and inventory departments – reporting on all efforts along the way. She has 3 computer monitors and says she could def use one more, if that helps paint a picture. 🙂

Why we love her: She’s got the BEST stories which makes her queen of office conversations. Most important, she’s a beacon of positivity around the office and always has a smile on her face.  It’s contagious! Not to mention she’s damn good at her job.

Blog contributions can be found here:

Mackenzie Cassidy: Online Catalogue & Editorial Stylist

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Basically, she’s our web stylist, but she does a heck of a lot more than play with clothes all day. Yes, she styles all of the outfits you see online and merchandises She’s always part of the photoshoots from start to finish (which happen twice per week for about 5.5 hours each), she assists in scouting models, facilitating tasks of the hair & make-up teams, and choosing the final images to be used on the site. But she also assists conceptually with the AKIRA brand overall to shape our image by researching trends and contributing to mailer layout, concept and execution. She’s hands-on and full of great ideas that will help push AKIRA to the next level.

Why we love her: She’s cool, calm, and collected. In personality AND style. Her laid back nature makes her approachable, but her focus, vision, and drive make her a natural leader. 

Blog contributions can be found here:

Sara Berke: Digital Marketing Manager & Editor in Chief of the AKIRA blog

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Basically, she’s responsible for the management and execution of all marketing efforts like advertising (PPC/display/retargeting), SEO (her specialty), content strategy (uhm, le blog. duh.), editing, site design, web analytics (must report on errthang), email content strategy (she writes and approves all AKIRA emails), online partnerships and brand collaborations (giveaways and blogger programs), social media insights, and really.. anything else that needs to be done.

Why we love her: She always wears heels which keeps the team on their game for office attire. She’s strong but not confrontational and has a good sense of humor but is still direct and business-oriented. 

Blog contributions can be found here:

Sarah Gray: Graphic Designer

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Basically, she designs everything for Most of her time each day is spent on whipping together some really cool mailers from scratch that go out to hundreds of thousands of people. She also designs all of the website banners, homepage graphics, retargeting graphics, bounceback fliers, etc, etc. (A graphic designer’s workload never ends!) Not only a designer, she’s responsible for ensuring everything is sent and pushed live accordingly. (That means even on weekends and sometimes she has to set an alarm for midnight to make swap outs..)

Why we love her: She carries a very calm and quiet nature, and she’s a girly-girl with an eye for beauty. Her aesthetic is inspiring and she’s really just an all around sweetheart. Oh, and her and her hubby make us jealous for days. #cutestcouple


Destini Huston: Creative and Technical Copywriter

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Basically, she writes ALL of our fun and witty product descriptions (from measurements to what-to-wear advice) with SEO guidelines in mind. She builds and describes each product in detail and creates some really great articles for the blog.

Why we love her: She’s the headphones-in-world-off, uber-focused-on-work type, but we love her for it! She is always accountable and always  submits solid work. 

Blog contributions can be found here:

Marcin Tomaszczyk: Director of Photography & Web Developer

 FullSizeRender (29)

Basically, he’s a man of many hats. He is our full-time photographer for all product images as well as content shoots for lookbooks, mailers, social media, etc. But he also brings web development talent to the team, playing a huge role in developing this very blog you’re on right now.

Why we love him: He’s a loyal employee full of ideas, and he is always looking to enhance the brand through stimulating images and engaging content. He also comes through in a clutch when minor issues arise with the websites! #lifesaver


Sara Kim: Ecommerce Buyer & Marketing Director


Basically, she is our ace card. She hand-selects nearly every single item you find on while at the same time runs the marketing team to ensure everything is running as it should be. She’s been with AKIRA for over 4 years and once upon a time, she was the only person on the marketing team. One woman wonder, that’s for sure.

Why we love her: Mostly because of her dog Pika. Kidding! Her cute voice and sense of humor gets the team roaring. She’s attentive, open-minded, and overall a great teacher and role model. We couldn’t do it without her!

Blog contributions can be found here:

Erikka Wang: Co-Founder/Owner of AKIRA


Basically, she is a literal BOSS. She’s a hard hitter and definitely doesn’t accept mediocrity. But don’t be fooled, this hard-working/task-juggler/problem-solver is also a genuinely kind, hilarious, and happy-go-lucky type of person. A secret ingredient to any successful businesswoman. She literally does every single job in the company. One day she will be in fulfillment, another in customer service, another she will be in stores.. she is literally in every fiber of the company and it’s a wonder how in the world she manages to get it all done. (Did we mention she also has 2 *extremely adorable* kids!?!)

Why we love her: She’s supa badAzz n tough but funny too. She’s a true inspiration for her team where we see day in and day out that hard work (and maybe a little luck and risk) can build a dream from the ground up.  Office idol. 

Blog contributions can be found here: LOL JK WHERE YOU AT ERIKKA??

Pika: Headmaster of AKIRA 


Basically, Pika runs the show. Just kidding. He runs around the office and melts everyone’s hearts. He also loves hiding on the site every Friday, a little game he likes to call “FIND PIKA.” Anyone that finds him gets a prize. It may or may not be a dog treat.

Why we love him:  LOOK AT THAT MUG! HOW COULD YOU NOT!?!?!

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  • Sara Berke
    Sara Berke

    hehe Actually Pika only hides on the main site for now. On Fridays.. with “Find Pika” he can be found on product pages only. We always give hints about what to look for and where he might be hiding so please check back every Friday for a new round!

  • kathleen brunetti

    I looked through this site twice couldn’t find the cute little pup. I think someone stole him.



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