Mini Dresses For Day & Night


Mini Dresses For Day

Higher temps means higher hemlines.  And with Spring right around the corner (t-minus 31 days : 23 hours : 21 minutes : 39 seconds), it’s time to pull those mini dresses out from the back of the closet. All we can think about is changing out of our puffy coats and double layers into breezy light jackets and cute dresses. Of course some mini dresses are better for day, and others are better for night.

Day dresses are usually more bold and colorful in nature. Your statement dresses for daytime are usually floral dresses and cute patterned dresses. And even though the mini dress tends to be shockingly short, there’s still certain styles you can wear to the office. (But don’t quote me on that if your boss sends you home.)

Floral Dresses


Nothing is more girly than flowers.


Bold Spring Colors


The sun!! It’s blinding me!! Nah, that’s just my dress.


Green with envy.



Pretty in peach

Mini Dresses For Night

Mini dresses and nights out go together like Taylor Swift and kittens. It’s just magical. And when I think of mini dresses for night, I think dark and sexy. Save the pretty colors for daytime, they’re more vibrant during the daylight anyway. The best mini dress for happy hour and beyond is black. Black dresses are universal, they look good on everyone. And you’re almost guaranteed to feel like, 70% more confident in black. #science

You can go bold with bare legs and bare arms



Trend alert! Bare shoulders are a Spring 2016 necessary.


Pro tip: get some (non greasy) body oil or shimmer lotion to really make your legs POP.

My favorites are:

1. Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect ($9.99 – sold out in most stores, but click the link – it’s still available on Amazon. You’re welcome.)

2. The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil ($22 on

Not into showing off so much skin? Cover up a smidge more with a long sleeve mini dress.  Not only does it make your gams the main attraction, it adds an element of sophistication and class.

Sexy black mini dresses

Or, of course, you can meet right smack dab in the middle and go with the peek-a-boo dress. Like a hybrid of sorts with mesh cut-outs and suggestive detailing (without giving too much away). Talk about meeting in the middle in the sexiest way possible.


Not into the whole all-black sex pot thing? I can dig it. Not every Friday night involves dancing on tables and drinking straight from the bottle. Sometimes you just want to go to a dive bar and chug some beers (and eat some tacos). Mini dresses can totally still be casual and cute. And you don’t have to show too much skin either. Pair the below looks with some cute ankle boots and a lightly glossed lip.




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