My Love/Hate Relationship with Kylie

I’m not going to deny it..

I creep on the Kardashians/Jenners. A lot.

At the moment, who’s my favorite to creep on? Kylie Jenner.

I occasionally watch KUWTK. (Occasionally meaning every Sunday.) If you hate them, you should just leave now and go put on a random episode the show. It’s SO funny! Seriously, this is a clan of comeeedians.

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And blahblahblah “they’re only famous because of Kim’s infamous tape”.. but I call bullshit because there’s been plenty of controversial events in Hollywood that come and go (der 15 minutes of fame) and the Kardashian/Jenner squad is still here like a decade+ later. Yes, maybe Kim’s naughty bits got their foot in the door, but they had to take big next steps to stay relevant and make anything real happen. And would you look at that.. they’ve built an entire empire (books, fashion, beauty, etc), so ya’ll haters need to chill. #endrant

Half of me loves Kylie.

I’m fricken 8 years her senior….and I’m all “I wanna be like dis betch!” I definitely don’t want to admit that I “look up” (for lack of a better word) to an 18-year old, but I have made a vow to be entirely transparent on this blog, so there you have it.  Celeb envy in raw form. But why the envy? I mean, I’m no contour queen (I barely use foundation) – but she makes me want to try new things with my makeup. Have you SEEN before and after pictures? Praise the lord. Sure wish I had a glam squad. 🙁


Kylie-Jenner-attends-the-Sugar-Factory-opening  gallery-1436514470-kylie-jenner-blue-hair

My lips are appropriately juicy, but I didn’t discover lip liner until the Kylie controversy. And I love it! I have a strong sense of my own style, but I find myself coppin’ hers sometimes. She does get the best of the best before anyone else though, so of course she’s setting trends. Her life is basically one endless runway and that’s what a lot of us gals imagine the “perfect” life to be like. Have you seen her closet?? Puts mine to shame. Shame! Let it be said though, I identify style-wise mostly with Khloe. She’s one classy ass broad (clothing-wise, at least). And she’s also the 2nd funniest (Disick takes first place). But Kylie just has something weird about her that makes you want to check in and creep on her. Like, what color is her hair today? I love that she keeps us on our toes and I love that she experiments with her look so often. It’s inspirational in good way.

Half of me does not love Kylie.

Well. TBH, she’s kind of just smoke and mirrors, right? It’s not like she was born the majestic unicorn we see today.. she has paid people to tweak her and paint her until that glittery single horn grew out of the middle of her forehead (theoretically speaking). We know she plumped her lips, basically with an industrial strength plumper. We assume her boobs and butt to fake, considering they jumped in size so quickly.



Her curves seemed to have come out of thin air. Or, thick? air? (But… this is also falls in the “Love” category.. RE: swimsuit pic below #bodygoals) And how did her eyebrows get so high on her face? Where did her freckles go..? I mean, none of the surgery claims are “fact” but pictures usually don’t lie. Basically.. I just don’t like that she felt like she had to drastically change a lot of her natural appearance so early on.

It’s not really hate, it’s more so pity. She probably had zero childhood. I still sometimes dream about being a kid again, and she probably has no clue what that is actually like. One of the BEST times in your life.. complete freedom from responsibility and heartache and the “real world.” She has to deal with all this pressure from the public to be perfect, so I can’t say if the shoe was on the other foot that anything would be any different for me.. I guess I just don’t love the idea of growing up too fast or making younger girls feel like they need to do the same. Have you seen today’s 12-year olds? 12 going on 25.

Okay, upon looking for before and after pictures of her hypothetical boob job, I stumbled across this.. So now I’m going to grab a fork and eat my words. She proved the difference was VS’s bombshell push-up.

Oh! And I recommend following her on snapchat: kylizzlemynizzl Lots of peeks into her personal life so you can basically be a professional creeper like me. 🙂

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