WTF Do I Wear?? NYE 2015 Edition.

To me, NYE has 3 basic rules:

  1. You should always dress to [your version of] the 9’s.
  2. Have at least one glass of bubbly. Preferably in a flute glass.
  3. Celebrate with friends you actually like.*

*Don’t go to some “cool” party/event with a couple pseudo friends you’ve convinced yourself that you’ll have more fun with. I’ve had more fun with my best friend in an alley around garbage dumpsters than I’ve had at expensive events that have 147 chandeliers and free everything. This should really be rule #1.

Go out! Get dressed up! Have fun with lovies! Yay!

Ignoring my wise advice and planning on staying in? Okay.. do it, I guess, if you’re lame. But if you’re staying in then bye because I’m about to roll into which styles are the hottest for NYE 2015. And luckily there’s still time to change your mind.. it’s not too late to order the perfect dress/outfit online and get it in time for the big night. WOo!

WTF Do I Wear??

New Years Eve 2015 Edition.


A. All Eyes On You

Shine bright like a dye-monnnnn

What doesn’t scream ball drop at midnight more than a glimmery, shimmery, sparkly outfit? Sequins, glitter, shimmer. Yes, yes, yes. It’s a rare occasion to be able to wear a full on sequin dress, grab the night by its potential and go with the most reflective party dress you can find. You’ll feel special all night.


B. Fanassy

Fancy + Classy, duh. (It’s probably my personal favorite trend this season.)

It’s on the same level (sort of) with sequins, in it’s level of fancy being ! expert ! ..It just catches more eyes than lights in its originality. These are the statement dresses where people might question if you’re heading to some fancy ball or something. And maybe you are.


HIGH_LOW_SATIN_BOW_TIED_SKIRT_ROYAL_BLUE_2__69999.1449620070.1280.1280 AMMO_HIGH_LOW_BLACK_LACE_PARTY_DRESS_1__63169.1447202060.1280.1280SHEER_FLORAL_PRINT_BLACK_MIDI_FLARE_SKIRT_2__19112.1447197681.1280.1280

C. Simple But Chic

Hot! (Just not too over the top.)

You want to get dressed up, but you don’t want to look like a giant disco ball or be super anal about not spilling on your fabulous flowing gown. If this sounds more your speed, go for a bodycon dress. Mini if you want to show off more leg, midi if you want to accentuate your curves. Don’t be afraid to add a little sparkle, a statement necklace will go a long way with this look.




Is she wearing.. pants?

Yes, yes she is. She meaning me. I hate spilling my secret sauce, and I’m usually the one in the lavish sequin dress.. but this year, I’ve decided to go a more non-traditional (yet still very fancy) route. Pairing a very unique top that could pass for a dress with simple, sleek pant and heels. YAAAAS. Thigh high boots can be a good sub for a non-traditional look, but be sure the biggest chunk of skin you’re showing is thigh. When you go with unique NYE outfit, you’re almost guaranteed to be the only one wearing it. (Don’tcha hate walking into the party and seeing 3 other people wearing the exact same dress??)

OPEN_FRONT_LONG_SILK_CARDIGAN_GREEN_1__62197.1449621914.1280.1280 (1) SPARKLY_SEQUIN_LEGGINGS_BLACK_5__90550.1448326463.1280.1280 FEATHER_OFF_WHITE_SLEEVELESS_CROP_TOP_1__87960.1442896586.1280.1280OFF_SHOULDER_OVERSIZED_SWEATER_DRESS_BLACK_1__96478.1449621840.1280.1280WHITE_SOLANGE_ME_TOP_ALANA__46994.1443483612.1280.1280SOLANGE_ME_BLACK_TOP_3__28408.1435676031.1280.1280 (1)

Remember, it’s not just another party night, it is THE party night. And you can go balls to the wall with how dressy you want to be. There are are literally no limits. To infinity, dear reader. To infinity, and beyond.

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