When the Outfit in your Head Doesn’t Go as Planned

There is an art to online shopping. Not only does it take hours of searching through various pages for the hottest new styles, it also is a journey to find the coupon codes you want to use at the end of your purchase. Because, let’s be real, when it comes to the end and you see the balance of $200 and then you have to add $5 for shipping, it all becomes so much more real, and then it’s a no from me dawg.

Can anyone answer me when I ask, why do we think like that? I’m already spending $200, and then all of a sudden 5 bucks is the pushing point? Whatever, that is besides the point.

What I really feel like talking about here, is when you see an outfit on a website and it’s styled perfectly, the model looks fabulous and you’re thinking “hell yes, this is exactly what I’m going to wear Friday night and I’m going to slay.” Then… it comes in the mail, oh what a glorious day that is. Tearing apart the packaging and finally being able to touch the new whatever that is now yours – it’s like Christmas, and Santa just dropped off that gift for you (until you see your credit card statement and you’re like oh wait, I’m Santa, and I’m broke).

Most of the time (if you aren’t lazy like me) if you look at the sizing chart on the product page, click the right color/size and know how to dress yourself – the outfit turns out great, and the journey to a great night out is still going strong… but other times, you may look like a potato and hate yourself for wasting money.

So yea, here’s a bunch of GIFs that will help explain exactly what is going through your head when that outfit you had brainstormed does not quite look the way you had planned.

When you don’t look like the model in the catalog picture

When it’s not at all what the picture looked like and you spent extra to have shipped over night

When you were going for sexy, but you ended up looking like a child

When you’re really trying to make it work, and you just see yourself in the mirror and give yourself this look…

Going back to the mirror for one more look, like… 

Then, trying to relax and order something new like…

it’s only a dress right?

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Katelyn Reno is the Social Media Coordinator and Digital Marketing Associate for shopAKIRA.com. She has a passion for strong coffee, breakfast foods and befriending every dog in the world. If not found obsessing over new street style pieces, you can find her writing, reading or drinking a dirty martini (potentially all three). Follow her on social @katelynmreno


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