Raining champion: beat the downpours in style


Forget ‘Don’t rain on my parade’, how about not raining on this outfit I spent hours fantasizing about. Since storms are inevitable, we’ve pulled together a few rainy day resources for when the weather is trying to put a dampener on your style.


The Boots: Hunter Women’s Original Tall Gloss Rainboot

The company behind Hunter wellies, the North British Rubber Company, was founded in notoriously rainy Edinburgh in 1856, so they’ve had a while to perfect their world famous boots.

The Original style came out 100 years later, in 1956, and they’re now a favorite of Hollywood royalty, including Gwyneth Paltrow, fashion royalty, including Alexa Chung, music royalty, including everyone who has ever played/attended any rock festival outside California, and actual royalty, with Princess Diana and Kate Middleton both donning Hunters.


This glossy variety brings a polish to your outfits that the rain just can’t keep out. If it’s chilly too, wear with the Hunter Half Cardigan Stitch Boot Socks (currently on sale, so get ’em quick.)

Hunter Women’s Original Tall Gloss Rainboot


The Other Boots: SOREL After Hours Waterproof Leather Wedge Bootie

Just when the world thought nothing could challenge the Hunter, the Hunter became prey.

SOREL may be relatively young, founded in Canada in 1962, but they are finding their way to the feet of celebrities with a less preppy sense of style, including Gwen Stefani, Elle Macpherson, Blake Lively, Octavia Spencer, Alison Brie and Jenny Slate.


Made from waterproof leather, with a lug sole, buckles over the tongue, and a wedge heel, these boots are the West Coast rock star to the Hunter’s East Coast socialite. If anyone in music videos ever dressed appropriately for those wind-and-rain machines, these are the sexy-for-strutting boots they would wear.

SOREL After Hours Waterproof Leather Wedge Bootie


The Bag: Pop Style Clear Clutch

This cute little clutch is big enough for the essential stuff, and it’s waterproof, unlike your satin purse that resembles a soggy pillow case after two minutes in a downpour. Plus, one quick look confirms that you remembered to pick your phone up when you left the table, which means no more panicked search through the magically expanding folds of an opaque bag. And it’s finished in a rose gold frame, ‘cos you fancy.

Pop Style Clear Clutch

A clear advantage over your other clutches.



The Coat: Broken Clocks Houndstooth Trench Coat

Get entrenched in the trench trend. Breakfast At Tiffany’s, anyone?


Look, we won’t lie, this coat won’t keep you dry like one of those super ugly waterproof monstrosities will, but it’s such a gorgeous take on the classic caught-in-the-rain trench that we had to include it anyway. With notched lapels, a boxy and long fit, long sleeves, and a houndstooth print embellished in embroidery, this coat is making the prospect of putting up with winter actually just another opportunity to expand our coat collections.

Broken Clocks Houndstooth Trench Coat


The Other Coat: Be Present Faux Fur Hood Puffer Coat

Your Serious Weather Coat.


Made from quilted fabric with a big hood to protect your hair (key), this one is less showy but it stands up better to wet weather, and that duvet-effect makes it warmer too. It’s not designed for Niagara Falls-style downpours, but it’ll get you through the drizzle dignity intact.

Be Present Faux Fur Hood Puffer Coat


The High Fashion Option: To Be Clear Top

Don’t let the hard work you put in to that outfit go to waste just because the sky is, like, crying. (Insert actual science here.) Take your look from washout to knockout in this extremely Fashion Forward plastic top.


Like those ponchos you wear in theme parks, but cut with a closer fit and no tacky logos, you’re more likely to find this on a Kardashian or a Chanel-devotee than on an adrenaline junkie lining up for the latest hair raiser. Another clear winner.

To Be Clear Top

Ready for the rain like…



Featured image: ‘Hollywood Rain’ by Glitter Rose

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