Reasons to Date the Dude in a Romper


A few months ago, Kickstarter released “RompHim,” which are rompers for men. We all kind of laughed at first, because “rompers are for girls, silly!” But once we took a step back and looked at it… we figured out that they could be on to something. Here are some reasons why you should hit on the dude in the romper this weekend.

From the beginning, I’ve always been really into rompers. I feel like my parents probably dressed me in them from a young age to avoid having to worry about matching, and just general baby fashion. Thanks for being fashion-forward mom and dad!

Rompers ensure that you won’t have to hassle with matching what top goes with what bottom, and usually makes you look a hell of a lot more fashionable than that combo anyways. The only downfall of the acceptable one piece (dun, dun, dun) is the inevitable bathroom break.

When RompHim was released, I couldn’t help but laugh and text the pics to all my guy friends, pressuring them to buy one. I genuinely thought it was a joke. Then pictures of these hot dudes rocking what looked like the new frat boy’s wardrobe kept popping up.

We threw together a personality analysis of “The Bromper” (bro in a romper), so your vodka-soda sipping self wouldn’t have to.

You’re welcome.

The Bromper  is efficient.

He wants to go out tonight, but doesn’t feel like spending hours trying on a bunch of different outfit combinations.  (Kind of how you do… every. single. day). So hence the one stop shop, the romper.

The Bromper is fashion-forward.

You’ll never have to worry about bringing Justin Bobby out in his same all black uniform, because this dude knows what is new, trendy and isn’t afraid to take risks. (Like us!)

The Bromper likes to party.

Him being out in the romper also means he knows how to party

The Bromper has a good sense of humor.

Because like I admitted earlier, we all kind of thought this was a joke. We’ve never not loved a guy with a sense of humor… come on, people.

The Bromper he doesn’t care what people think of him.

Confidence (hopefully not to be confused with cockiness), is key. And he’s not afraid to be out of his comfort zone. AKA you may have a new pedi/mani buddy. …Or am I pushing it?

Gender isn’t some weird issue to The Bromper.

Since rompers have been considered feminine for a minute, a lot of dudes think wearing one would make them look “girlie.” Definitely go for the guy who doesn’t give a shit, and is just being himself.

Lastly, you should date the Bromper because..

He is probably cool, confident, and down for whatever.

We don’t have rompers made specifically for males (yet), but we do have a ton of cute rompers for you! It’ll serve as some sort of ice breaker with your new romper man, I’m sure of it.

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