Summer Trends From Your Winter Wardrobe


Every year when the heat begins to take over, I hold onto the last remnants of cool winter weather, hoping for it to last just a few more days. As a lover of fall/winter clothes and someone who perhaps strangely loathes summer in large part due to the hot, sticky, and sweaty downside to the weather, I often wish that I could throw on a cozy sweater and leggings and call it a day. Although I’m sure that there are countless people who prefer crop tops, shorts and sandals to the frosty, skin-drying, chill-inducing weather (those who live in places like Chicago know exactly what I mean), there are ways to subtly incorporate your winter wardrobe or elements of it into summer wardrobe. Regardless of which type of season you prefer, these winter-turned-summer trends are sun loving and something new to add to your wardrobe.


1) Tights

These handmade tights and fishnets are a perfect summer staple especially if tights are your favorite winter accessory. With beautiful embellishments and bright colors, these radiate summer vibes from waist to toe!


2) Socks

If you prefer a more toned down version, you can always mix and match socks with sneakers and sandals!



3) Bandanas

Move out of the way silk scarves! This summer, bandanas have taken over as the new summer scarf. Here are a few ways you can turn a square piece of cloth into the perfect necktie for summer!


4) Dark Colors

Now here is the unavoidable winter staple, how does one wear dark colors when it’s scalding hot outside? Believe it or not, its actually quite simple. The key to wearing black and other dark colors is to make sure that it’s breathable. Hence, mesh, jersey, silk in the form of crop tops, sleeves, a simple tank are your best bet. Oh, shade might also work too.


4) Boots

When the season winter approaches, boots inevitably top the list of must-haves. However, boots are not limited to just winter. Booties and ankle boots suit the summer weather, but if you’re looking for something with a little more of a pop, sock boots or velvet/latex are the new trend for summer boots.


5) Fur

Similar to wearing dark colors, fur is another tricky style to wear during the summer. If you’re keen on wearing that winter fur you have gathering dust in your closet, then consider wearing it as a shawl or more of an accessory. And if that fails, you can actually just wear fur as an accessory, such as a key-chain, bag strap, or even a fur backpack works!


Bonus: Velvet

Who knew that velvet bikinis were even a thing?

All in all, it’s not the end of your winter wardrobe just because it’s summer. There are countless ways to dress, style, and even layer clothing and accessories in the summer without getting a heat stroke. Even though there’s no way to keep wearing all your winter goodies (sadly), there are trends and styles you can effortlessly maintain throughout the summer AND it’s a perfect opportunity to get creative!

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