How to Survive The Fourth of July (& look cute doing so)


The national darty day is officially around the corner, so everyone is beginning to dig out their good ol’ red, white and blue attire or looking in stores for great deals to splurge on (we may be one of those stores with a good deal, hint, hint wink, wink). The Fourth of July is filled with sweet treats, grilling out, tons of booze and of course a great outfit to tie it all in together.

We’ve seen it before – and we’ve all been there when the day drinking gets the best of us. You start the day out looking flawless, (OMG is that Kim Kardashian?), and then after a day in the heat, a week’s worth of calories in two hours, and a few more beers than you intended, your makeup begins to run, the sweat begins to start and all of a sudden all you can think of is an ice cold water and your bed.  Yea, we shuddered at the thought, too. But, party on party girl! Don’t let the darty get the best of you.

Wear Cotton – fa real

Cotton is going to keep you cooler, because it is a more breathable fabric. Instead of wearing spandex and other things that will literally trap the heat in, let it breath and be a care free lady in a cotton top. Also, wear things that are your size – even if you are getting things a size too small it probably doesn’t feel good and it probably doesn’t look right. Love yourself girl!!!


Drink water – lol but like do you mean beer?

Yea, beer is a nectar from the Gods themselves, but hey homie chill for a minute and grab yourself a glass of water. Beer bong it even, idc. Water is of course going to keep you hydrated, which is always good for your skin, and to keep the party going so you’re not dying at 3:00pm.


Wear Waterproof Makeup (and not a ton of it)

Wearing waterproof makeup will ensure that even if you do get sweaty (gross), wet or start crying (you knew drunk texting your ex was a bad idea to begin with!) you’ll still look fresh AF. Also, don’t cake up on the foundation – you’re going to clog your pores and look like you’re melting.


Enough to keep ya going without feeling like you’re going to roll away. Food will soak up the booze and uh – who doesn’t love grilled summer food?


But overall, The Fourth of July is for blowing shiz up with your friends, drinking beers on a rooftop and enjoying the calories you won’t see again until next year while wearing something red, white and blue. So like have fun, and drink water. It’s for your health.

Did your mom right this article? Maybe 😉

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