The 10 Instagrams You Should Be Following

Looking for a little style motivation? Well you’re in luck. Before the summer season hits, we thought we’d fill you in on all the bloggers that have been slayin’ our feed lately. From ultra-cool designers to downright trendy babes, here’s our round up of all the hottest Instagram accounts that need a follow, ASAP.

1. Simi & Haze

You’ve probably caught glimpses of them spinning at Coachella, but needless to say, Simi and Haze are the coolest twins on the internet right now. DJ’ing baes with a killer fashion sense? Yes, please!


Credit: @simihaze

2. CiCi

She’s a model and sings in a band with her boyfriend. Seriously, how much cooler can she be?


Credit: @cicibme

3. Briana Wilson

Briana is a BOSS. She started her own clothing brand – Matte Brand – and it’s become so successful.


Credit: @eenahsanairb

4. Elizabeth Smart

Elizabeth is a photographer raised in Australia and now based out of Chicago. Create, innovative and supremely stylish, you’ll love the variety that she’ll bring to your feed.



5. Tyler Lambert

Tyler is a Chicago-based designer who’s already had massive celebs like Kylie Jenner vaunting his pieces. His revel-worthy clothes are also featured in Kardashian Dash stores.


6. Emilia

Emilia is a fun-loving, outgoing model from Miami. With her vibrant nature and quirky personality, she’s def one to keep a keen eye on.


Credit: Emiliamuss

7. Aleali May

If you haven’t heard of Aleali May, then where have you been?!? She’s a model/stylist/blogger that resides in NYC. Follow her to see her amazing collection of clothing and how to acquire a style as pristine as hers.



8. Brookelle Mckenzie

Brookelle is a makeup artist hailing from sunny Australia. Her ‘gram is perfect if your are in dire need of some serious makeup inspo.


9. Jamie Genevieve

Another makeup artist you need to follow is Jamie Genevieve. You can easily get inspired by her Instagram that boasts new makeup tricks and great hair tips. She also has a youtube channel that provides step-by-step tutorials on how to get her killer looks.



10. Rachel Nguyen

A fashion blogger with Alexa Chung vibes. Her style is totally unique, and she makes it all look so easy.


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