The Eyebrow Obsession Manual

We’ve all seen the memes

The ones showing celebrities with and without eyebrows.. Woof. You’ll never hear any opposition from me around the importance of a nice set of brows. Because while there is a huge difference between Photoshopping the entire eyebrow area off versus just poor eyebrow make-up skills.. There’s no denying that they literally make (or break) your entire face.


See? Proof is in the pudding. Err.. picture. A face without eyebrows is terrifying.

And I sincerely apologize if you hadn’t seen the Photoshop-eyebrows-off-celebrities-phenomena, because those images can never be unseen.

Anyways.. There’s still a lot of offensive things that you can do to your eyebrows besides remove them completely. Since the biggest makeup trend/focus/subject is eyebrows at the moment, lots of people are coming out of the makeup woodworks and are getting adventurous with their furry sisters*. Maybe a little too adventurous.

(*Eyebrows are not twins, they’re sisters. I remember reading that somewhere and it gave me a sense of calm as I could never get mine exactly the same on both sides. If you can relate, repeat after me.. Sisters. Not Twins. Sisters. Not. Twins.)

Eyebrow #Goals

This is the beginner’s level. You see the pictures. You understand the trend. You have envy of others’ brows but you have zero clue how to get there. Hence #goals.

These people are usually the ones making a mockery of the game. Walking around thinking that their eyebrow game is “strong” (we’ll get to that in a minute) when actually their eyebrow game is something straight out of a cartoon. Scale goes from a tiny squiggle to a full on coloring book on your face. Let’s examine.


I can’t say I’ve never been in the #goals category. I need to dig up pictures from my high school days when I nearly plucked every single one of dem hairs out my face and drew a nice skinny 90 degree angle where my eyebrows used to be. Soooo not on fleek.  But with a little (uh, a lot) of practice, the next step after #goals: Fleekness.

Eyebrows on fleek

Quite possibly the term that launched the madness. Who knows. But the slang has girls going crazy with brow kits and YouTube instructional videos trying to get their brows to be the fleekest on the block. Lots of trial and error. Lots of practice to get here. But when you find the sweet spot.. pride, pure pride.

And you knowwwwwwwwwwww once people get those brows on fleek level: expert – they are going to take the most glorious selfie of their life. Putting those hairy sisters on blast with what is apparently known as…

The “browfie”

The brow selfie. It’s a thing. (I guess?) I’ve never personally taken a picture of just my eyebrows. But most certainly plenty of other internet folks have. It’s a trend on the Twitter or something.

Eyebrow game: strong

Pretty much the same thing as on fleek, I’m pretty sure. But I know there is a level that is too strong. And I think you can already picture the endless streams of wonky brows that people have on their faces. But tried and true, the strongest eyebrows I’ve ever seen in my life were on in and/or around a pineapple under the sea.

On a closing note, the only exception I’ve found to the Photoshop-her-eyebrows-off horror fest is the one and only Audrey Hepburn. She still looks flawless.

(Images found on Pinterest)

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