The Platform Shoes Diaries.

You first hear the words “platform shoes” and think of Baby Spice in her big a** white sneakers, amiright?! But there are actually a ton of different styles of platform shoes that can easily hold hands with anyone’s closet. Especially the chunky platform bootie, which is sooo hot right now. Let’s look at them all.

Y.R.U. Qozmo High Platform Sneakers | White-Platform-Shoes

High Platform Sneakers

THESE are the Baby Spicers we were talkin’ about a second ago. They elevate you to a whole new level (in height AND in style). And even though it does feel a bit weird to walk in them at first, just because, you know.. the weather is so different up there.. but they’re actually quite comfy.

aYRU-ELEVATION-MESH-BLACK-CREATIVE-V2-1024x1024Y.R.U. Rose Qozomopolitan Platforms


Lug Sole Platform Black White Heeled Sandals | lug-sole-platforms

Lug Sole Platforms

Let’s take the lug sole platform sandal that made waves this summer for example. It’s for the more daring shoe lover, (and they kind of remind me of shoes you would put on Barbie dolls back in the day) but for some reason, when you see someone wearing them, you think.. wow, that person seems pretty cool. Such fashion, very wow.


Irregular Choice Black Platform Heeled Sandals | Irregular-choice-shoes

Irregular Choice Dragon Black Platform Heeled SandalsCrazy Platforms


Crazy Cool Platforms

There’s also the realllly off the wall platform shoes that you kind of just stare at for a while and wonder how the hell you are ever going to find something to go with them. But you love them. And you justify buying them by telling yourself, “Maybe I can wear these on GoT night. Yes, that’s what I’ll do. I don’t care if the season premiere is 7 months away.” That’s the spirit! And just imagine how many people are going to call you the **Mother of Dragons.

Irregular Choice Nimbus Pale Blue Gold Fringe Platform SandalsSteve Madden Jillyy Gold Glitter Platform SandalsY.R.U._Daydream_Studded_Rainbow_Multicolor_Platform_Heels

Jeffrey Campbell Platforms

And we can’t forget the almighty Jeffrey Campbell Lita platform booties who really paved the way for the chunky platform trend back in 2010. (They were cool before they were cool.) You basically walk around looking like a fashion blogger who DGAF in those things. And that’s pretty badass. And for that American-Apparel-mannequin-in-the-window look, you can pair ‘em with chic socks and look extra fashion bloggy. Jeffrey Campbell Lita Black Distressed Platform Booties | Jeffrey-Campbell-shoes

Platform Heels

Probs the most versatile of the platform family. Not super duper chunk-a-lunky (since there’s a space in the middle), but still a tall glass of water. I especially love the fall version in BOOTIE FORM!

Steve Madden Grey Suede Platform Ankle BootsCarli Burgundy Platform Ankle Boots 1234

FlatformsY.R.U. Prizm Flatform Sandals

Now we’re just getting fancy with our words. A flatform is defined as a flat shoe on a raised platform. So I guess these are another version of the platform sneaker. Or maybe it’s a more specific name, as it’s just a flat with a whole lot of platform underneath. (I feel like we just made it full circle back to the Spice Girl shoes.)

Of course, if you’re feelin’ that Baby Spice vibe with the white sneaker platform shoes, I say more power to ya. (*Throws up peace sign and yells “Girl Powahhh!”*)

**Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons

(Some images found via Pinterest)

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