The Power of the Pizza Slice

Mouthwatering triangles and squares have officially taken over; all your favorite foods can now be found in pizza form…

A delicious tyranny has slowly taken hold of us in the 21st Century: finger foods. Chicken wings, tacos, burgers – if you can hold it in your hand, it probably owns you. We close down cities to enjoy them (think Taste of Chicago), and we dedicate days of the year to celebrate them (National Doughnut Day anyone?). It’s an appetizing anarchy.

One food in particular is superior to all the rest, especially in Chicago… Pizza. We order it for lunch, we dine on it at night, we even eat it cold the next morning with pleasure. Many chefs have succumbed to the power of the pizza slice, and they are now rebelling against the limits of red sauce and mozzarella. You think pineapple on pizza is radical? Think again.

A new order has taken place: if you can eat it, you can put it on a crust. This opens up a world of opportunity for devout pizza loyalists. Behold the new wonders of this domain:


via Favorite

Chicken N Waffles:

via Lemons For Lulu

Ham and Cheese Sandwich:

via MasterCook


via Life In The Lofthouse


via A Side Of Sweet

Sloppy Joes:

via Kitchen Simmer

Tortellini Pasta:

via The Noshery

Thanksgiving Leftovers:

via Food Network


via Six Sisters’ Stuff

Fruit Torte:

via Cooking Classy

Nothing brings people together (or tears them apart) like the politics of pizza. Debates over toppings, crust thickness, and the proper dipping sauces can ruin friendships and start online revolutions. Sometimes we think, “Has pizza gone too far?” But then we agree to let this tasty tyrant rule on.


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