The Victoria’s Secret Diet


Ever wondered what an Angel eats?

Our friends at Stylecaster just met with Elsa Hosk, 27-year-old Victoria Secret supermodel. And lucky for us, she revealed all of the secrets. The secrets of.. DundUNduhnnn… her meals from the day prior. Who doesn’t want insight on this? Look at that bod.

Elsa Hosk 02Elsa-Hosk--Victoria’s-Secret-Collection-03

In short,

She loves green juice and green smoothies (but she doesn’t agree with juice cleanses/juice diets without solid food), cucumbers, greek yogurt, and h20. My stomach is already growling for her. When she treats herself, she doesn’t go for the Au Cheval “single” burger (which is actually a double cheeseburger) add bacon & egg.. maybe also some crispy fries with mornay sauce, garlic aioli & fried farm egg like meeee. She goes for – wait for it – A GRILLED CHEESE! Omfg how dare her, right?! Not tryin to hate, I’m not walking a runway basically naked, so I have no room to talk.


Let’s judge, I mean look at, Elsa’s “last meal” (From the previous day):


Eggs and bacon.

Probably turkey bacon. And egg whites.


A mozzarella and tomato panini with lentil soup. (Anyone else say mozzerella in their head like an italian.. MOZZ-UH-REYYA. Just me? Okay, anyways..)


I thought cheese caused cellulite and stuff?


Fried cheese (eye roll), chicken skewers with rice pilaf, and potato, cucumber, feta salad.

Again with the cheese?


Okay, this looks legit. And healthy. FTW!




Snacks? She don’t eat no stinkin’ snacks! (going to curl up in a ball and die now, bye.)

And there’s no mention of portion size. For all we know she ate the whole plate, or just two small bites. And in all reality, her body comes from hours and hours in the gym. Her favorite workouts? Boxing and basketball. (Before she became an Angel, she was a basketball player or something.)


Either way, I’m sure you were hoping this would inspire a new type of diet or at least direction on what to eat in order to look like a supermodel, but all this did was make me hungry for Au Cheval. If you haven’t been and you’re ever in the Chicago area, this should absolutely be on your list. Maybe even your bucket list. It’s THAT good.

Au Cheval. Literally named one of the best burgers in the entire country.


Sorry not sorry

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