Cute Sh*t You Need for Summer ’16

Summer is right around the corner.

(Can I get a Hallelujah??)

And with higher temps, we can expect to see higher hemlines and tons of toes. There are a few key pieces that will go with practically anything this summer: Caged and/or lace-up shoes, on-trend denim, and the all-mighty bodysuit. These 3 fab items alone can be mixed and matched with skirts, shorts, leggings, etc and look bomb AF. But you don’t want just any ol’ bodysuit or any ol’ pair of shoes… you want them to be on-point and on-trend. Amiright?! Duh.


Let’s break down the lust-have items for summer 2016.

1. Mad Shoe Game.

Hottest styles? Lace-up Heels & Caged Gladiator Sandals

I wore the black lace-up heels (3rd photo below) out this past Saturday night and literally got complimented on them the entire night. Even my male Uber driver felt inclined to let me know how great my shoes were. I’m like, aw shucks thanks dude! And they’re under $40, which is awesome. As far as “perfect summer sandals” go (heeled or flat alike), I always prefer black or nude (well, usually.). They’re just the most versatile colors so you know you’ll get a lot of wear out of them if they match everything in your closet.

Cute summer flat gladiator sandals

Instagram @m_o_d_a

sexy lace up gladiator heels outfit

Instagram @runwaythelabel

Cute black lace up pumps

Instagram @caxshe

2. It go down in the denim.

Hottest styles? Cropped Denim Jeans & Distressed Denim Shorts

I mean, denim is absolutely not a trend. Denim is and always will be “in.”

But there are certain styles of denim that are considered seasonal favorites and make their rounds every few years. Of course the perfect summer denim is a nice fitting pair of distressed jean shorts. Can never go wrong with this style staple, I swear by them. But this summer, cropped denim is making a comeback – especially embellished or frayed cropped denim. One of our favorite bloggers @missenocha killed this look below. MURDERED IT. Take note from her, this is cropped denim done right.


Cute frayed ankle skinny jeans

Instagram @missenocha

3. A sexy bodie.

Hottest Styles? Black bodysuits and nude bodysuits rule the world.

Probably the best and most versatile summer staple of them all. Some you can wear as a top and a swimsuit. Summer 2016 is all about the one-piece anyway… so stock up! Of course don’t go swimming in a super sheer or white bodysuit unless you want to partake in some see-through nakey action. Mostly though – bodysuits are the answers to all your problems.

Sexy nude one piece swimsuit

Instagram @samiiryan

sexy black low cut zip up bodysuit Sexy black zip up bodysuit deep plunge

FullSizeRender (16)

Instagram @missenocha

cute nude bodysuits

Instagram @m_tia98

Most of the items featured within this article are shopable! Meaning all you have to do is click the image and BOOM – it will open the product page. You’re welcome. Feel free to leave a comment in the comment field if you have something to say. We’d love to hear from you.

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