Travel In Style: A Simple Packing Guide


While summer vacations are definitely something we all look forward to, actually getting there takes much effort. Planning, preparing, and of course, packing, all takes a lot of work. This is why I follow a simplified guide to dressing right for a  week long summer trip to your dream destination! That being said, everyone travels differently and prefers to pack different things, but no worries! This packing list is versatile and adjustable. So let’s get packing!

Your 7-Day Summer Packing Guide:

Day 1: Off you go!

Off to the airport? Sure all we really wanna do is make our way to the airport in our pajamas, but there are stylish ways to stay comfy and look ready to rock the imaginary red carpet after arriving at our vacation destination (hint: athleisure). Don’t forget to throw on your favorite slip on sneakers – easy to take off and on in the airport and airplane!

Day 2: Dive in!

Since it’s the first official day of the trip, you can take it easy by just lounging around somewhere relaxing aka the hotel bar. If you’re a hit the ground running type, there’s always time for a dip in the pool in a simple yet sexy bikini with a cover-up of your choice or bare it all (yes, including the sandals). Of course, slides are also a must-have especially if you’re by the beach or pool.

Day 3: Sightseeing!

No matter where our destination, whether Hawaii, Thailand, or Paris, there’ll always be some beautiful views or tourist destination that is a MUST-SEE. Now, what better than a colorful two-piece set to stay comfy, cool, and of course, stylish! Since it’s summer, tropical or floral prints will go perfectly with whichever sightseeing location you pick, also lace up for the lots of walking that you’ll be doing!

Day 4: Cuisine exploration!

Now what we’ve all been waiting for…food, food, and more food. Even though that summer detox has been calling since June, it can wait a week more, can’t it? Whether your summer vacation is a food hot-spot or even if your vacation is somewhere laid-back, you can still dress up in a summery maxi dress with some cute af wedges. Perfect for summer vacation, a nice restaurant, and definitely for hiding that food baby after a scrumptious meal! And if your cuisine exploration doesn’t land you at some romantic dinner by the beach, be sure to bring along a cardigan cause the AC can sure get cold indoors!

Day 5: Tourist tour!

A couple days in and tourist mode is coming on strong, so naturally it’s time to get down and dirty. What better to do than to go on a little tour around town to see what your destination has to offer. Maybe there’s a small town around, or a grandeur skyscraper, or even one of the world’s seven wonders, a little tourist hunting doesn’t hurt. Which of course calls for the exploration outfit: denim. That tough and nearly indestructible fabric. No matter what top you decide to throw on, denim bottoms and durable sneakers are perfect for a day of exploration. You won’t be scared to rip, stain, or move around in them all day long, and they still look nice and casual for photos (what’s a tourist tour without pictures)?

Day 6: Market day!  

It’s THAT day. The day before you leave, the day you should probably start packing up, the last official full day of vacation. BUT it’s also the last chance of the trip to explore a little more of your destination. Even if it’s just a stroll around a nearby park or going to a market that sells small souvenirs, it’s still a day of vacation so better make the most out of it! Perfect day for your favorite skirt. Even if it’s back-to-back denim, any floral and flowy skirt or shorts are your best bet for your official last day.


Day 7: Home sweet home!

Savor the the last bits of your summer vacation with chic athleisure. Keep it summery though to remind all the strangers at the airport that you just had THE summer vacation and that even though it might have ended, the summer vibes will keep going strong.

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