Why adidas is the fashion girl’s favorite


adidas: The “it” brand

Talk about a comeback – adidas is really having a moment right meow.

Maybe some of you are like, “wtf are you talking about, adidas has and always will be cool.” Sure. But I’m talking mainstream trends, and boy – they on fiy-ah! …When you can’t get through your Pinterest feed without seeing images of peeps wearing a certain item.. you know it’s hot. And adidas, specifically Superstars, are literally everywhere you look right now it feels like.


Personally, I think the last time I wore (err.. even owned) a pair of adidas Superstars, I was in high school (circa 2002-2006). ..And no need to do the math, I’m 27 years old. (Turning 28 in May, wootwoot!). But thinking back, I haven’t had much interest in adidas since then tbh. My go-to athletic brand has been Nike for quite some time. But I’ve literally purchased 3 pairs of adidas within the past few months and seem to be leaving my Nikes on the shelf to collect dust (sorry, guys! mama still loves you)

Superstars: the most iconic of the adidas line

(Besides Yeezys, of course. Which are more like a unicorn than a shoe.) Cool part? Superstars are unisex and look equally amazing on boys and girls. So everyone is invited to the party. They also come in pretty much every color you can imagine. The most widely popular is the white sneaker with black stripes. The version with white strips is also pretty coveted – sometimes nothing is quite as refreshing as a crisp, all-white pair of kicks. (Don’t you DARE f*%$ing step on them either!)

black and white superstars for women _ adidas on sale



adidas superstar multi color cute womens shoes

Less traditional Superstars <3 #favs

Stan Smith:

For those of you who may not know who Stan Smith is, he’s basically a huuuuuugely successful tennis player. According to Wiki he is the “..former world No. 1 American tennis player and two-time Grand Slam singles champion who also, with his partner Bob Lutz, formed one of the most successful doubles teams of all time.” The Stan Smith adidas shoes actually aren’t really traditional tennis shoes.. but I guess it’s more of a celebrity endorsement “cool” factor type thing to wear a pair of shoes named after a legend. They look almost identical to the Superstars, they just have dots instead of thick stripes.





Other cool adidas styles

Had enough with the Superstars and Stan Smiths? Those aren’t the only fly adidas sneakers on the block. I also really like the adidas Campus, Tubular, and Los Angeles styles. They’re great for just all around chic, everyday wear.

adidas Tubulars on sale shoes for women _ cute white tubulars

adidas Tubulars look a lot like Yeezys, amiright?!


adidas Los Angeles shoes


adidas Campus


adidas Tubular for women _ cute tubluers

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adidas: clothing NOT optional

It’s not just adidas shoes that are blowing up the scene. As a brand – anything they put their name/logo on is instantly a must-have. Hats, tops, leggings, track pants, hoodies, whatever. It’s technically a version of activewear, but activewear is actually becoming more of something you wear as streetwear these days. Long gone are the days that activewear is only seen as workout clothes. In recent years, adidas activewear has vastly taken over the casual blogger streetwear hemisphere. Plain T’s with the adidas logo are probably the most widely seen, usually paired with a pair of fitted mom jeans. Sport this casual yet cool style and you’re with the best of ’em.






cute addias clothing for women - Shop adidas shoes atheticwear and activewear at AKIRA

IMG_2428 (1)-min

adidas for women on sale - cute adidas clothes and shoes - AKIRA990eb50e1012ea3360fd688c508a8c7a






Celebs can’t get enough adidas

Maybe Kanye has been hyping the brand up in the world of celebrities, or maybe they’ve picked up on it on their own accord. But it’s recently been seen allllll over the Hollywood scene. Everyone that’s major right now is a walking billboard for adidas. Tons of models wearing the brand – bringing that “model off duty” look to a much more attainable level. Sporting Yeezys just makes us all cry a little on the inside since no matter how hard we seem to try – we can’t get our hands on a pair! (Or maybe some of you have, and for you, I throw shade and jealousy in your general direction. You lucky, lucky bastard.) But it’s refreshing to see Superstars up and down the block – we can totally get ourselves some of those!











adidas: Iconic and timeless.

Like it, love it, gotta have it.




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