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I consider myself a shoe connoisseur

My specialty is heels.

As someone who owns around 150 shoes (and counting), you could say that I might know my sh*t when it comes to shoe trends. Even though I have a nice sized collection, I am constantly on the hunt for new styles. Since.. you know.. you can never have too many shoes. Ever. And if I’m being completely honest with you, I probably buy about 1 new pair of shoes every week or every other week. Some may say I have a problem, others may say I have an obsession, other may say I’ve got skills.

And that’s all probably a fair assessment tbh.  So many shoes, so little time.


Here’s a picture of my spare bedroom, which has since been turned into a closet.

Spring forecast: Strappy heels, gusts of laces, and 100% chance of shopping

Strappy heels have never been more IN.

Yeah, they’re popular every spring in some way, shape, or form. I mean, after an entire season of thick socks and boots day in and day out, it makes sense people can’t wait to let their toesies breathe in some open toe shoes or sandals. But even though it’s a timeless style, Spring 2016 is looking like its sole focus for footwear is straps on straps on straps (and laces on laces on laces). Every online retailer, ourselves included, has just pages and pages of new arrivals that are either strappy flat sandals, strappy heeled sandals, or strappy/lace-up heels. And everybody is grabbing at ’em like they the last piece of pizza.




These shoes really TIE your look together

Strappy heels add instant impact to any outfit, not matter how simple or “basic” it may be. But that’s what is so great about them, you can pair them with jeans and a t-shirt for a model off duty look or add them to Friday’s mini dress and it instantly elevates your look. They come in SO many different styles which makes it easy for most people to find (at least) one that speaks to them.


Simple & Chic


Classic & Versatile


Neutral Yet Bold


Daring & Edgy


Not for the faint of heart.

It’s going to be hard to avoid hopping on this fast moving trend train, as everywhere you look, from the office to the runway, they are ever present and popular.

Celebs are equally obsessed

Any fellow fan of the Kardashians knows they rock the strappy sandal on the reg. They wear them on the red carpet constantly but they’re also always caught just walking down the street looking all fly with their ties. And they’re not the only celebrities who are spotted around town in them.


Shop the look:


Grey Suede Lace Up Heeled Sandals $39.90 Shop Now >


Shop the look:

Steve_Madden_Slithur_Caged_Black_Nubuck_Heeled_Sandals_5__16403.1438535767.1280.1280 (1)

Steve Madden Black Nubuck Slithur Caged Heeled Sandals $109.95 Shop Now >


Shop the look:


Camel Suede Lace-up Peep Toe Ankle Booties $49.90 Shop Now >


Shop the look:


Olive Lace Up Corset Pointed Toe Pumps $39.90 Shop Now >


Shop the look:


Black Suede Chunky Heeled Sandals $39.90 Shop Now >


Want to see more? I know I do..

Shop All AKIRA Shoes >


Oh, and before you go…

Sara Berke
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Sara Berke is the Digital Marketing Manager for and Editor in Chief of When she’s not shoe shopping or convincing herself that she definitely needs yet another new outfit.. you’ll either find her chillin’ on the couch watching Desperate Housewives, hanging with Paxton and Kit (her dog and cat), or she's bouncing around the city with friends eating up all the food and drinking all the drinks. Find her on social @saraberke


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    March 17, 2016 - 7:06 pm
  • Sara Berke
    Sara Berke

    That sounds like A LOT of bins!! hahah I mean, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! But I will say, having them all on the rack/on display makes walking in the room exciting every time. lol Glad to know there’s another dedicated shoe lover out there. 🙂
    ps. I ordered these racks off Amazon. Here’s the link if you’re interested:

  • Tiffany Jackson

    OMGGGGG I never thought to use racks for my shoes. I have 115 pairs of shoes (not including boots) and i put them all in individual plastic bins.



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