Trendsetter: Get that gold


The color of first place, sunsets, leaves in fall and royalty, gold has everyone from sports stars to superstars rushing for a chance to get that shine. We’ve sifted through the closet and found some of our favorite pieces in this precious metallic.



So fancy

Another invite, another outfit, gargh! We’re talking birthdays, holiday parties, homecoming, prom and/or weddings. (Especially if your ex will be there, especially especially if they are the one getting married.) Your fashion game has gotta be as fancy and as beautiful and as bold as it can, and nothing screams fancy, beautiful and bold like gold.


Check out the Do You Right Lace Dress, a high halter neck dress with a glittering overlay decorated in embroidered gold thread. It’s got the mini cut and bodycon fit that says you’re confident with exactly how sexy you look rn, coupled with that swirling gold brocade that lets everyone know you only fly first class.

Do You Right Lace Dress

Wear with:
Black and gold heels and a matching purse are like the frame around this work of art: they’re well selected but really just there to show off the main draw. Your hair and make-up, however, should be as OTT glam as you like: it’s party time, people, get experimental!


Skirt the issue

If you’re into mixing and matching, try your gold in a skirt. Specifically, a metallic pleated skirt, one of those rare pieces that manages to look preppy while hinting at a secret fun side. Think of it as that classmate who always gets As, but also kills at karaoke and taught everyone the Single Ladies dance. The Champagne And Caviar Pleated Skirt is a high class taste of the gold trend, with a high stretchy waist and narrow pleats that twirl out in an extremely satisfying way. It’s playful but also polished and put together: perfect for switching up outfits you’re getting bored of.

Champagne And Caviar Pleated Skirt

Wear with:
A graphic tee or a black cropped sweater for when you’re playing it casual (in a very non-casual way), and an OTT crop top, preferably off the shoulder and lace, when you want to dress it up and take the twirl party out on the town.



Twinkle toes

We feel you, shoe queen. If you have more shoes than a centipede could ever wear, you start every outfit at your feet, and/or you’ve formed friendships from the line, ‘WOW, I love your shoes!’, you’re probably already imagining the perfect gold shoe shimmering away in your closet.


We recommend the Secret Garden Embroidered Floral Chunky Heel Booties, with high thick heels and very elegant flowers embroidered in gold thread (which, btw, plays into another super hot trend: metallic florals).

Secret Garden Embroidered Floral Chunky Heel Booties

Alternatively, if your vibe is less girly, more gritty, but still with a fashion edge, the And Everything Nice Studded Heeled Booties have a Wild West meets punk vibe, with a pointed toe, stiletto heel, faux leather finish and metallic stud pattern all over.

And Everything Nice Studded Heeled Booties

Wear with:

Don’t you love the magic of watching the right pair of shoes totally change the feel of an outfit? In the case of these booties, they tell everyone that you’re not afraid to stand out, whether in a tough way or with some super fancy embroidery. They’ll fit right in with an evening look that’s already dressy, but they also make a casual outfit feel like a deliberate choice, instead of something you’ve pulled on last minute. Basically, they can work with whatever you need them to, which is gold.


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