Kendall Jenner Style: The Look for Less

Kendall Jenner seems to be the crowd favorite

For the most part at least, she seems to be the most “down to earth” of the Kardashian/Jenner clan (probably not true considering she grew up rich and constantly in the public eye.. how down-to-earth can she really be?) We may never know what she’s really like, but we like to think she’s the American sweetheart in that family. And what we do know for sure is that she has that girl-next-door feel to her personal style, and it’s great because that is what makes her so relateable to the masses.

To sum her up in one word: minimalist.



Makeup? She don’t need no stinkin’ makeup!

Kendall versus Kylie

Where Kylie takes the cake with the Sephora shoppers who obsess over makeup, the girls who love to experiment with trendy/sexy styles, and love to sport “casual” looks that are edgy and body-conscious (often promoting popular brands..), Kendall has much simpler style. Her look definitely consists of more “basic” outfits. (When she’s not on the runway, of course.) She doesn’t wear a lot of makeup and she seems to default to minimalist layers and tennis shoes all day, all day. Often pairing even cute bodycon dresses with tennis shoes.

Kendall is a pair of Keds while Kylie is a pair of Jordans.

gallery-1445715945-gettyimages-493991552 55693419d2f4882fe20197140bfd25dd

Kendall’s Whip: 1957 Corvette C1

Kylie’s Whip: 2016 Ferrari 458


This isn’t a debate over who is better or cuter or has the best style, they are unique and cool in their own ways. One thing we CAN all agree on, is their style is very different from one another. And if you’re more of a Kendall than a Kylie, check out the looks for less below. We’ve picked out some of our favorite Kendall Jenner outfits – divided by day outfits, night outfits, and going out looks – and compared them to similar items you can snag on!

Each image is linked to the product page if you want to purchase and emulate Kendall’s simple chic style. 

Kendall Day Outfits

Day is what Kendall does best. That model off duty look is so desirable!


gallery-1440344399-kendall-akmgsi CUTE_DEEP_V_STRIPED_LONG_SLEEVE_TOP_BLACK_WHITE


1446655833_kendall-jenner-zoom ATHLETIC_MESH_DETAIL_LEGGINGS_BLACK

Kendall+Jenner+Stops+Fill+Up+Calabasas+ZZ-IPJ1tks5l CUTE_OFF_SHOULDER_BANDAGE_CROP_TOP_BLACK

2B0240BE00000578-0-image-a-2_1438393560225 WHITE_BUTTON_DOWN_LONG_SLEEVE_TOP_WHITE_FOR_WOMEN

Kendall At Night

While Kendall is queen of daytime casual, she’s not ALL basic t’s and tennis shoes. She still knows how to dress up her look (even if the tennis shoes stay with it…)




Red-Carpet-Ready Kendall

Obviously most of us aren’t going to be able to afford the best designers in the world making us custom outfits.. but we can find knock-offs that are pretty darn close!




rs_634x1024-141201122433-634-kendall-jenner-british-fashion-awards.jw.12114 CHOKER_STRAPLESS_SEXY_JUMPSUIT_WHITE


So which are you? Kendall? Or Kylie?


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