Kylie Jenner Style: Looks for Less

Kylie doesn’t wear trends – she sets them.

I mean, it’s hard not to when she literally gets all of the coolest pieces from the top designers before they’re even made available to the public. Not like we can even afford to buy Balmain anyway, but she legit has what we want and there’s no reason we can’t cop her style a bit for a lower price.

Kylie Going Casual

Kylie’s day outfits aren’t anything close the fresh-out-of-bed looks that a lot of us average folks wear when we have nowhere to go and nothing to do, except pick up some TBell and go back home to watch Netflix all day. She’ll run out to pick up a loaf of bread in some of the cutest outfits ever seen. Not ever, but like.. ever since yesterday. Let’s peep some of her day time looks and pin some “looks for less” from AKIRA next door.


Over all of it

Overalls are making a BIG comeback. And Kylie sports them black on black – which I love! Click the image on the right to shop the look <3


Saved by the bell

Unique tops make for an effortless put together look, even if your bottom are just regular ol’ black leggings or jeans. Click the image on the right to shop the look!


Bombs away

Bomber jackets. ‘Nuf said.


Distressed but not stressed

These are just hot in general. The distressed boyfriend jean is just trend-city right now and there’s really no end in sight. Click the photo on the right to shop the look!


Shrug & snug sweater game

Comfy, cozy, chic, adorbz. An over-sized gray sweater is right on so many levels. And it works no matter what you pair it with! What an investment piece. 😉 Click image on the right side if you want to shop the look!


Black & white stripes

Casually strolling the town, but phuck lookin’ like a slob! Get your sh*t together with our adidas inspired jumpsuit and toss over the adidas crop top to make it officsh. Click the images to shop the look!




Kylie Going Out

Kylie isn’t old enough to drink, but she sure looks to hit the town! A night out for Kylie typically involves some chic, black look – super sultry stuff.


The weekend warrior

VA-VA-VOOM! Is there a fire extinguisher present?? Because this look is HOT. And you don’t have to worry at all about someone copin’ your look – this is unique AF. I have no idea how much hers costed (probably an extremely gorgeous penny) but our fringe belt at $24.90 and our extreme deep v bodysuit at $34.90. Style steal! Click the images to shop the look.


DEEP_V_LONGSLEEVE_BODYSUIT_BLACK_1__16354.1458067468.1280.1280 single_sole_pump_heels_black_pu_4__99679.1458167892.1280.1280

Lace, lace, lace, lace, lace

(in the tune of Rihanna’s werkwerkwerkwerkwerkwerk)

Hard to go wrong with a black lace cropped top! I actually think AKIRA’s is a little cuter than what Kylie’s got in the photo on the left, but you can be the judge. Ours is a steal at $34.90! Click the image to shop the look.


On the fringe

It’s hard (nearly impossible) NOT to shimmy, swing, shake, or spin in a fun fringe skirt like this bad boy. And if you’re not feeling up to it, the wind’ll help your lazy a** out. Wana know something super awesome? The skirt on the right is only $15 freakin dollars! Click the image to shop the look.



There’s really nothing more important to have in your closet than a classic black pump. Click the image to shop our version for less than $40!


Cross my heart and hope to buy

Wear it like a crop top or throw it under a deep v – a crisscross bralette comes in the clutch in so many situtaions. And for only $9.90 it’s damn hard to beat! Click the image to shop the look.



So we will never actaully BE her, but we can take fashion and beauty cues and become a cooler, more trendy-savvy betch by looking to the supreme queen. Of course she learned from the best – KK!



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