Wear Thigh High Boots The Right Way

Use Layers To Your Advantage.

This season suede skirts are huge, and they make for a great layering piece since they can be easily paired with a heavy knit sweater. But as temps cools down, skirts aren’t always the go-to. This is where thigh high boots come in! They’ll keep your leggies warm and toasty. (If you’ve still got a bad case of the goosebumps, throw on some tights for added warmth.) Adding on a finishing layer of thigh highs to any look this fall is going to make you catwalk out the house and smize at everyone you pass on the street.

Fanc-ify Your Going Out Look.

Take that floral or sweater dress and turn it into something extra special. I dare you to go try the dress on with flats.. then heels.. then thigh high boots. I guarantee you’re going to be like WOOOOOW, 100% thigh highs for sure. Strut girl, strut!

Join The No Pants Club.

No pants? No f*cks. Wear that super large sweater with more than leggings this fall. Turn it into a dress and zip up (or tie up) those cute boots and hit the town. This look is probably a little too risque for work – but it’s perfect for girl’s night or date night. Those other Tinder b*tches ain’t got sh*t on you. (Yes, that was a lot of swears in one paragraph, but I f*cking love this look so f*cking much, I have no idea how else to express it through words.)

Make A Boring Outfit Not-Boring.

Skinny jeans and a sweater. yawwwwn. I mean, don’t get me wrong – it’s a great go-to outfit for fall. Super easy. Super basic. Super quick to pull together in the morning when you’re just not into thinking too hard about #outfitgoals. Want to instantly tun that somewhat-boring outfit into a model off duty look? You guessed it! Toss on some heeled thigh high boots! A hat gives added umph to the overall look and makes it look like you’ve got some serious style. Which you do. Duh.



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Sara Berke
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Sara Berke is the Digital Marketing Manager for shopAKIRA.com and Editor in Chief of blog.shopakira.com. When she’s not shoe shopping or convincing herself that she definitely needs yet another new outfit.. you’ll either find her chillin’ on the couch watching Desperate Housewives, hanging with Paxton and Kit (her dog and cat), or she's bouncing around the city with friends eating up all the food and drinking all the drinks. Find her on social @saraberke


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